In Pictures: What if tech stars lived in the Batman universe?

Photoshop Fun: When technology and comics merge in an alternate universe

  • Step into our alternate universe generator (it's shaped like the TARDIS) as we present an odd discovery -- technology executives and other stars of the tech world merged with characters from the Batman universe. It's not as odd as you might think.

  • APPLE CEO TIM COOK AS THE DARK KNIGHT We always thought the Batphone was a red phone with a blinking light, but this man in black knows different -- it's always been an Apple iPhone.

  • MICROSOFT CEO STEVE BALLMER AS BANE Batman's nemesis has a tablet of his own -- will this new Microsoft threat "Rise" to the Surface?

  • FACEBOOK CEO MARK ZUCKERBERG AS ROBIN The one-time Boy Wonder has some serious falling stock prices to deal with -- Holy IPO, Batman!

  • RIM CEO THORSTEN HEINS AS THE RIDDLER Riddle me this: What do you get when you cross a gadget (RIM's BlackBerry smartphone) with consumers who don't want to buy them anymore?

  • BILL GATES AS MR. FREEZE Yes, we know he's saving the world with his philanthropy, but that still doesn't explain why my Windows PC kept freezing. We think we finally have the answer.

  • GOOGLE CEO LARRY PAGE AS TWO-FACE Google's motto was known as "Don't Be Evil," but we think sometimes there's someone in a back room flipping a coin on making some of those decisions.

  • LINUX KERNEL CREATOR LINUS TORVALDS AS PENGUIN "You'd have to be bird-brained to not see the value of open source!"

  • CISCO CEO JOHN CHAMBERS AS CLASSIC BATMAN I've just discovered something phenomenal, Robin! People are using the Internet to share videos of cats!

  • ORACLE CEO LARRY ELLISON AS BRUCE WAYNE Forget about fighting crime as the Dark Knight -- we think that Ellison just enjoys being a billionaire.

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