APP SLIDESHOW: Top 5 music services

Apps that enhance the on-the-go music listening and sharing experience

  • 5. Mog

    Cost: Free | Developer: Mog | Tested on: iOS | Version 2.1.33 | 10.8MB Mog is a subscription music service that offers over 16 million songs at 320kbps. Although its library may not be as comprehensive as JB Hi-Fi Now or Spotify, Mog is powerful, reliable, and consistent. In general, the app is extremely user friendly and operates smoothly. At the same time, though, music addicts (ie. users with enormous libraries) could face the occasional delay or bug. While it does not matter which service provider your smartphone is connected to, Telstra customers benefit most from Mog due to a recent partnership between the two organisations. As a result of the agreement, Telstra customers using Mog do not consume any of their data allowance. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 4. Title

    Cost: Free | Developer: Shazam Entertainment | Tested on: iOS | Version 5.0.5 | 6.0MB Hearing a great song when out and about and having no idea to figure out what it is called is highly frustrating. Shazam fixes that problem with literally the tap of a button. Once this button is tapped, the app listens to the sound being played, analyses it, and compares it to its library of existing songs to produce the closest match. While the app is free, upgrading to the full version removes advertising, and links the app to Spotify and Pandora, which boosts the likelihood of an accurate match. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 3. Spotify

    Cost: Free | Developer: Spotify | Tested on: iOS | Version 0.5.4 | 16.9MB The mobile version of Spotify gives you access to the service’s library of music on the go. After logging in with either your Facebook or Spotify account, the app offers a free 48-hour trial of its free service for users that have not tried it previously. Once the Premium trial is over, users can continue to listen to their own music, or subscribe to the premium service. Premium allows users to sync favourite playlists to their mobile device and listen offline, or use the online service with full access. Other features of the Premium account include wireless sync, playlist creation and sync, starring favourite tracks, and the ability to send music direct to and Facebook. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 2. SoundCloud

    Cost: Free | Developer: SoundCloud | Tested on: iOS | Version 2.2.2 | 12.3MB SoundCloud is a network that allows users to explore and share music, voice clips, and other sounds. While it may not be regarded as a premium service like Spotify, SoundCloud (both its app and website) has grown to become a favourite as more and more artists are beginning to utilise its social capabilities – it is simple to use and browse, and interacts with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Additionally, it acts as an opportunity to discover less known music on-the-go, and gives amateur artists the ability to gain recognition. As it is essentially a social network, the app is reliant on its user base, and therefore lacks the extensive libraries presented by subscription services. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 1. JB Hi-Fi Now

    Cost: Free | Developer: JB Hi-Fi Group | Tested on: iOS | Version 1.0.9 | 5.5MB JB Hi-Fi Now is a subscription music streaming service similar to Spotify, which offers access to a library of millions of songs. While it offers must of the functionality of some of its competitors, it does so in a much more appealing and concise fashion. Like its retail stores, JB Hi-Fi’s app offers a much more comprehensive range of underground music genres, including hardcore, metal, and electro, particularly when it comes to local Australian artists. Additionally, JB Hi-Fi Now has a much clearer and well planned user interface. This is, of course subjective to user preference. Get it here: Apple App Store
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