IN PICTURES: ARN Channel Efficiency Roundtable - Improving the partner experience through advanced systems and logistics

Distributors and resellers came together at Coast for lunch to discuss key trends and initiatives such as improving logistics support and advancing tools and systems to benefit the Channel.

  • (L-R) - UXC Connect's Wayne Banks, Distribution Central Nick Verykios, Dicker Data's David Dicker, Express Data's David Gage, Whitegold's Dominic Whitehand, ARN's Rimin Dutt, Express Data's Peter Masters, Westcon Group's Nick Mcmenemy, Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses, Westcon's Peter Hewett, ARN's Jennifer O'Brien, Nexus IT's Sean Murphy and Systemnet's Bruno Ianni

  • Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses

  • Roundtable attendees

  • WhiteGold's Dominic Whitehand

  • Express Data's David Gage

  • Dicker Data's David Dicker

  • Westcon's Peter Hewett

  • Distribution Central's Nick Verykios

  • Express Data's Peter Masters

  • Nexus IT's Sean Murphy

  • Nexus IT's Sean Murphy

  • UXC Connect's Wayne Banks

  • Westcon's Peter Hewett

  • Systemnet's Bruno Ianni

  • Westcon Group's Nick Mcmenemy,

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