In Pictures: 25 Awesome Gadgets for $US50 or less

We scoured the Web for the best deals on 25 gadgets you might actually want to buy. All you have to do is sit back and click through the slideshow.

  • You know that great feeling you get when you buy something and it blows away your expectations? That's the tingle of value--and sometimes you can get it from products that carry a modest price tag. From streaming set-top boxes to augmented reality laser tag to smartphone solar chargers, here are 25 cool gadgets priced no more than $50 each--every one of them sure to be useful, fun, entertaining, or all of the above.

  • Roku LT What it is: The Roku LT is a Wi-Fi set-top box that streams Netflix, Hulu+, and other content services such as TED Talks and Pandora radio. Why it's awesome: At just $50, the Roku LT is one of the cheapest ways to cut the cable (or satellite) cord. Assuming that you have broadband and an HDTV, you're just an HDMI cable and an AC outlet away from streaming 720p content. Price: $50 Where to buy: Roku

  • Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control What it is: The Griffin Beacon turns your Android or iOS phone into a universal remote. Why it's awesome: You're already carrying a top-notch touchscreen. The Griffin Beacon ensures that you'll never have to buy or use another remote again. Plus the accompanying apps provide TV listings and reviews, and even let you manage your Netflix queue. Price: $39 Where to buy: Amazon

  • iPod Shuffle What it is: The iPod Shuffle is a high-quality, 2GB music player from the company that defined the category. Why it's awesome: It's stylish; it works well with your clothes, your jog, and with your computer; and though it doesn't have a screen, you can operate it using nothing more than your voice. Price: $49 Where to buy: Apple

  • PogoPlug What it is: The PogoPlug gives you access to your files from anywhere, on any device. Why it's awesome: The PogoPlug lets you create your own cloud. Though Dropbox is free for a few gigabytes of storage, it charges $500 a year for a 500GB allotment of storage space. PogoPlug is like Dropbox without the storage limits and the monthly fees. Price: $50 Where to buy: PogoPlug

  • iHome iDM8 What it is: The iDM8 is a portable rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. Why it's awesome: The iDM8 lets you take your tunes anywhere. It has a cool design that fits in the palm of your hand; you never have to buy batteries; and the device is wireless. In case your music player doesn’t have Bluetooth, the iDM8 also has comes with a standard 3.5mm input. Price: $50 Where to buy: Amazon

  • LG Tone Bluetooth Stereo Headset What it is: The LG Tones headset contains wireless ear buds as well as a stereo Bluetooth headset. Why it's awesome: You can jam to your tunes without cumbersome cords, and then jump on a business call just as fast. The headset even vibrates to let know when a call is coming in. Price: $47 Where to buy: Amazon

  • HHI ReElegant iPad Keyboard Case What it is: The HHI ReElegant is a combination iPad case and Bluetooth keyboard. Why it's awesome: If you type a lot, this $30 case can transform your iPad into your primary machine for keyboard input. It also protects your shiny slate in style. Price: $30 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Sony LiveView What it is:The Sony LiveView is a wristwatch-size screen for viewing and controlling your Bluetooth smartphone. Why it's awesome: Using the LiveView, you can check Facebook, Twitter, and text messages without having to pull out your phone. Price: $23 Where to buy: Negri Electronics

  • Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver What it is: Belkin's music receiver is a small Bluetooth device that lets you beam audio to your sound system. Why it's awesome: If you watch Netflix or Hulu+ on your tablet, you'll love having full home-theater sound to accompany it as you lounge on the sofa. Price: $25 Where to buy: Amazon

  • IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig What it is: The AmpliTube iRig is a guitar adapter for your iOS device. What it's awesome: The iRig turns your iPhone into a pocket studio. With the advent of powerful yet affordable apps such as Garageband and IK Multimedia's AmpliTube amps and effects offerings, there has never been a better time to learn guitar or to lay down some searing tracks. Price: $20 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Fastmac U-Socket USB Outlet What it is: The U-Socket is an AC outlet with two built-in USB ports. Why it's awesome: More and more devices charge via USB. The U-Socket reduces clutter by letting you plug four devices and appliances into a single outlet; it even shuts off power to a device when the charge is complete. Price: $25 Where to buy: Fastmac

  • LED Lighting T-Shirt What it is: It's a T-shirt with built-in LED lighting bars. Why it's awesome: The shirt has a built-in microphone and the EQ bars actually light up to their respective frequencies. Look cool and show off EQ levels at your next concert. Price: $13 Where to buy: Meritline

  • 3W E27 RGB Multicolor LED Light Bulb With Remote What it is: The 3W E27 is an LED light bulb whose color you control with a remote. Why it's awesome: You can change the mood and appearances of any room with the tap of a button. The remote controls color and brightness; and because the light bulb is LED, it will last for 25,000 hours, according to the maker. Price: $10 Where to buy: Meritline

  • LED Display Six-in-One Digital Altimeter What it is: This six-in-one device combines an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a thermometer, a weather station, and a clock/calendar. Why it's awesome: If you’re in the woods or on a mountain expedition, this hand-held device will let you measure all of Mother Nature’s vital signs. It’s the perfect guide for returning alive. Price: $20 Where to buy: Meritline

  • Roll-Up Keyboard What it is: It's a flexible keyboard made of rubber. Why it's awesome: The Roll-Up Keyboard is great if you rely on a full-size keyboard, but want to carry something that you can just stuff in your backpack. Also, if you drink coffee at your desk and have a tendency to share it with your keyboard, you'll be happy to know that this item is both waterproof and it’s washable. Price: $20 Where to buy: ThinkGeek

  • Kill-A-Watt What it is: The Kill-A-Watt tracks your appliances' and devices' electricity use. Why it's awesome: We tend to obsess over our smartphones' battery life, yet we rarely think about how much juice our appliances cumulatively consume. The Kill-A-Watt will give you a better understanding of which appliances are driving up your electric bill, so you can curb your consumption more effectively. Price: $25 Where to buy: ThinkGeek

  • Koss PortaPro Headphones What it is: The Koss PortaPros are collapsible on-ear headphones. Why it's awesome: These lightweight headphones sound great and are easy to stow. They look as though they're from 1984--because they are. Yes, Koss has been producing these hit headphones for almost 30 years. Price: $33 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Hasbro Lazer Tag What it is: The Hasbro Lazer Tag blaster is a laser-tag gun powered by your iPhone or iPod. Why it's awesome: Laser tag meets augmented reality: Your iPhone displays vital stats and even lets you battle on-screen augmented-reality enemies, if you don't happen to have any friends around to fight. Price: $40 Where to buy: Amazon

  • PowerLine PowerCup What it is: The PowerCup is a 120V AC power adapter that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket. Why it's awesome. If you're constantly on the road, you'll never again have to worry about your car tech companions running out of juice. Whether the juice is flowing to a laptop or to an Xbox, the PowerCup lets you power just about any AC appliance in your car or RV. It's conveniently designed to fit into your car's cup holder, too. Price: $24 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse What it is: The Arc Touch Mouse is a flexible wireless mouse. Why it's awesome: If you're on the go and need a full-featured mouse with minimal bulk, the Arc Touch is for you. It curves to fit your hand just as any other mouse would, but it folds flat when not in use. In addition, it has a capacitive touch strip that you can use for scrolling. Oh, and it look pretty cool. Price: $41 Where to buy: Amazon Microsoft Arc Mouse $34.99 - $44.89

  • L5 Universal Remote Control for iOS What it is: The L5 is a dock-connector-dongle-and-app combo that transforms your iOS device into a universal remote. Why it's awesome: The free app lets you design your dream remote with only the buttons you want to use. The dongle can learn IR signals from other remotes, so you don't have to worry about translating obscure remote codes if your home theater came with an unusual remote. Price: $41 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Adonit Jot Pro What it is: The Jot Pro is a stylus for your touchscreen devices. Why it's awesome: Though you can pick up a cheap stylus for a few bucks, the Jot Pro's fine tip makes it one of the most accurate such instruments on the market. It's ideal if you use your tablet for illustrating. The Jot Pro also features built-in magnets for stowing it on the side of your iPad. Price: $24 Where to buy: Amazon

  • Apple Digital AV Adapter What it is: Apple's AV adapter is an HDMI connector for all your iOS devices. Why it's awesome: It basically turns your iOS device into a video game console: You can play games on a big screen while using your iPhone as a controller. And you can use your iOS device as a set-top box to stream Netflix or to browse pictures. Price: $39 Where to buy: Apple

  • IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast What it is: The IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast is an external microphone for your smartphone or tablet. Why it's awesome: If you produce podcasts or use your smartphone for recording music, you'll find that this high-quality microphone runs circles around your built-in ones. The iRig Mic Cast allows real-time monitoring and even has a low/high sensitivity switch. Price: $40 Where to buy: Amazon

  • XTG Solar Charger What it is: The XTG is a solar charger for all of your USB devices. Why it's awesome: The XTG is an ideal companion on a camping trip or in other outlet-deficient environments. Though it takes about 8 hours to charge fully, its built-in 1500mAh battery means that you don't have to leave your smartphone out in the sun during charging. The XTG even has a built-in LED flashlight. Price: $28 Where to buy: Amazon

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