APP SLIDESHOW: Top 5 commuting apps

The best five apps to keep you entertained on commutes, or just to kill time with

  • 5. Lumosity Brain Trainer

    Cost: Free | Developer:Lumos Labs | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.19 | 5.5MB Lumosity Brain Trainer is a simple way to stay engaged and challenged on commutes. According to Lumos Labs, it has been designed with contribution from neuroscientists to create a cognitive enhancement program. The app, through offers a wide array of tests, aims to improve your memory, speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. While some tests are ridiculously simple, others can become tricky. After completing any test, all results are stored, and can then be viewed and compared. The app offers a BPI score, as well as a graph to keep track of progress. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 4. HowStuffWorks

    Cost: Free | | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.2.3 | 19.9MB HowStuffWorks, based on the website of the same name, is a library of facts and compositions designed to educate readers on how things operate, what they are, and so on. The app’s home page is divided into articles, videos, shows, quizzes, and facts/quotes, with a search function to top it off. Once within any of these information categories, the app offers a range of subjects for users to explore, ranging from adventure, to money, and science. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the app is the facts tab, which offers a randomly generated sentence. I found myself spamming the ‘next fact’ button for quite some time. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 3. Robot Unicorn Attack

    Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Adult Swim | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.3 | 30.6MB Robot Unicorn Attack is an additive game with the most simple of concepts that will have you clocking more hours than you do on your Battlefield, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft accounts… combined. As the app description states, you “gallop, leap, and dash through the sky in pursuit of your dreams.” We are not exactly sure what these dreams are, but you will pursue them. The left-to-right side-scrolling game has you controlling a unicorn, with the ability to jump across gaps and dash through stars. The aim is to rack up as high of a score you can for bragging rights among your friends. No matter what the outcome, you will have the song “Always” by Erasure stuck in your head for hours (or days). For those who prefer a variation, there are different versions of the game, including heavy metal and Christmas. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 2. StumbleUpon!

    Cost:Developer:StumbleUpon | Tested on:iOS | Version 2.8.3 | 14.5MB StumbleUpon is a random content generator that pulls up web pages based on a pre-determined criterion of your interests. On first use, you sign in with your Facebook account, then spend some time ticking boxes as to what tickles your fancy. After that, it’s just about tapping ‘Start Stumbling,’ at which point the app does the work. Content which is generated features a random selection of text, images, photography, voice, and everything else you could possibly find on the Internet. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 1. TED

    Cost: Free | Developer:TED Conferences | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.7.1 | 12.0MB While YouTube does provide an endless amount of entertainment, TED goes beyond to bring you a library of videos from “the world’s most fascinating people.” It may not offer people falling off treadmills, but it does bring you “education radicals, technology geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends.” The scope of content is enormous: from perception of colour, operation of illusions and musical composition tricks. Essentially, TED provides a way to be informed and educated, rather than wasting time on cats sliding down slippery dips. Get it here: Apple App Store
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