APP SLIDESHOW: Top 5 quick photography apps

A selection of the most efficient photography on-the-go apps that not only take snaps, but allow you to customise and label memories.

  • 5. InstaFrame Pro

    Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Imagination Unlimited | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.0.9 | 6.9MB InstaFrame Pro offers a comprehensive range of editing tools that enables smartphone users to make simple (yet dramatic) edits to their photos. Although there are many similar apps on the App Store, this one definitely takes the cake. You start by selecting a theme, and then a frame. The frames allow you to combine a number of photos into one. InstaFrame Pro gives you a choice of 54 different frames for each theme. From there, you select a photo to place into each segment, at which point you can resize, move, and add texts and effects. Within each step of editing, there are quite a number of things you can do. For example, you can add rounded borders to the photos, reduce or increase overall size, change background colour, and more. Once you’re done, you tap the share button, and choose which social network to send it to. Although it is primarily targeted at Instagram, as the name and description suggest, InstaFrame Pro offers direct integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email. Of course, photos can also be saved to your device’s photo album. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 4. Picle

    Cost: Free | Developer:Made by Many | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.0.4 | 7.1MB Picle is designed to take advantage of the thousand words a picture is worth by allowing users to record a 10-second voice memoir which to accompany a photo. Picle’s settings let you toggle between a one or two-step capture and record process. The former triggers the voice recording as the photo is taken, whereas the latter waits for you to commence the recording. Unfortunately, the voice clip must be recorded on the spot in order to take more photos. This means you are unable to gather your thoughts when you get home and record the best possible description. A series of photos can be merged into “Stories,” which are essentially photo albums within the Picle app. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 3. Project 365 Pro

    Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Alvin Yu | Tested on:iOS | Version 2.0 | 1.1MB Project 365 Pro is designed to allow users to record their life through setting reminders to take photos each day. The in-built daily reminder feature can be set at whichever time the user prefers. So users are not forced to load the app to take a snap, photos can either be taken through the app, or selected from the default photo album. All photos are presented in a calendar format as to keep track of when each photo was taken. Project 365 is also available in a free version, although it features advertising. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 2. 360 Panorama

    Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Occipital | Tested on:iOS | Version 4.2 | 4.0MB There are plenty of panorama apps on the Store, but many do not allow you to just snap and go. 360 Panorama is a quick experience with minimal processing times. When shooting, a square template appears on screen to guide you to a straight photo. Photos are automatically touched up through Cloud enhancement capabilities. Every photo is geotagged (with a compass heading so you know which way you were facing), can be labeled, and shared through social networks. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 1. Snapseed

    Cost: $5.49 | Developer:Nik Software | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.4 | 17.0MB Snapseed offers a high-quality photo editing experience. The app is built with a range of editing tools which are presented in a simple user interface. When the app is launched, users can select a photo from their library or take a new one, and get to work immediately. When any of the tools is selected, a basic transparent instructions template appears. When satisfied with the result, users can share via email, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, save to photo library, or open in an app of their choice (Snapseed detects compatible apps). Snapseed supports 6.25 megapixel images for iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch; 16 megapixel images for iPad 2 and iPhone 4/4S; 20.25 megapixel images for the new iPad. All photos are down sampled by iOS. End products are in JPEG and TIFF formats. Get it here: Apple App Store
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