IN PICTURES: ARN Roundtable Technology Solutions - Boosting Partner Profitability

Symantec and its partners gathered over lunch to discuss how to boost partner profitability with new technologies such as mobility, Cloud, and storage - top growth areas for resellers, as predicted by State of the IT Channel survey.

  • (L-R) Channel Dynamics' Cam Wayland, Symantec's Jeff Arndt, Insentra's Ronnie Altit, Dimension Data's Peter Prowse, Aquion's Audrey Lyon, Fujitsu's Mike Fuller, Datacom's Todd Gorsuch, ARN's Patrick Budmar, HP's Stephen Hart, ARN's Rimin Dutt, and Symantec's Brenton Smith

  • Symantec's Jeff Arndt and Aquion's Audrey Lyon

  • Symantec's Brenton Smith

  • Datacom's Todd Gorsuch

  • Insentra's Ronnie Altit

  • Channel Dynamics' Cam Wayland

  • HP's Stephen Hart

  • Symantec's Jeff Arndt and Aquion's Audrey Lyon

  • Aquion's Audrey Lyon

  • Dimension Data's Peter Prowse

  • ARN's Patrick Budmar and Dimension Data's Peter Prowse

  • Datacom's Todd Gorsuch

  • L-R Insentra's Ronnie Altit and Fujitsu's Mike Fuller

  • Fujitsu's Mike Fuller

  • Symantec's Brenton Smith (L) with HP's Stephen Hart (R)

  • L-R: Insentra's Ronnie Altit, Symantec's Brenton Smith, and HP's Stephen Hart

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