APP SLIDESHOW: Top 5 Surviving Australia apps

Top five apps to help Australians and visitors travel, get around, find places, and save money

  • 5. Virgin Australia Flight Specials

    Cost: Free | Developer:Virgin Australia | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.0.1 | 3.1MB Traveling around the country hurts the wallet of many. Virgin Australia’s new Flight Specials app brings you a list of discounted flights to make travelling more enjoyable. Flight Specials is divided into two key tabs: ‘specials’ and ‘happy hour’. ‘Specials’ is the home page, and lists all discounted flights based on a criteria. By default, it is set to depart from your closest city to go ‘anywhere’. This can be filtered. The inappropriately named happy hour, which actually goes for two hours (4pm to 6pm) on weekdays, offers greater specials. Flight Specials, while serving as a good way to get around Australia, also has international offers integrated. Get it here:Apple App Store
  • 4. goCatch

    Cost: Free | Developer:Taxi Apps | Tested on:iOS | Version 2.4 | 8.8MB A taxi app designed for both passengers and drivers. On first use, users select whether they are a passenger or driver, at which point the app takes you to its map. The map contains pins of available drivers in the area. When tapped, users can see the driver’s rating and company. To book a taxi, users must tap the ‘goCatch’ option at the bottom of the screen, at which point the app takes you to a booking screen to enter a few details, including destination, number of passengers, and contact number. Advanced bookings can also be made. The app is still a fairly new concept, though, which means the majority of taxi drivers are not on board yet.
  • 3. AU Weather Pro

    Cost: $2.99 | | Tested on:Windows Phone 7 | Version | 6MB You could get a generic weather app that haphazardly sources weather reports from around the world, or you could get a single app that focuses on just providing Australian weather, as it can be completely unpredictable at the best of times. AU Weather Pro is that app, and it achieves that function by sourcing weather data direct from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology The metro themed user interface offers weather observations, forecasts, radars, tide predictions, and more. Addition of Mango support means that the app makes use of Live Tiles, so your tiles are instantly updated with information without needing to run the app. If you regularly access certain types of weather information, you can flag just about anything with the in-built favourites system. Get it here:Windows Marketplace
  • 2. Scoopon

    Cost: Free | Developer:Scoopon | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.8 | 5MB We all know how costly it is to live in this country, especially if you’re a Sydney-sider. Scoopon makes life that little bit easier by offering major discounts on completely random things, from food to services, massages, and everything else) depending on where you live. When you launch the app, you enter your location, and the app generates a list of deals. Your location can be changed at any time. What the app brands as ‘today’s deal’ is the offer that is closest to you geographically. The ‘side deals’ are others in and around your closest city. While the savings vary, there are plenty that go beyond 50 per cent off the standard asking price. The best part is, you can often buy more than one Scoopon (which is especially great when it comes to eating out). Each listing has a different cycle timer, which means you can check it every day and find something new. Get it here:Apple App Store
  • 1. Whereis

    Cost: Free | Developer:Sensis | Tested on:iOS | Version 1.5 | 5.7MB While default smartphones apps may do a great job, their focus is global. Whereis is an Australian made and tailored mapping and navigation app. There is more to the app than finding a street, though. Below the search bar, which sits right at the top, is a location filter that has a range of pre-determined favourites, including bars, cafes, restaurants, chemists, cinemas, and so on. When selected, a bunch of tabs appear in the area of the map that is being viewed. Each location can be tapped for further information, including a phone number, address, and distance. The database is extensive. Additionally, Whereis offers turn-by-turn navigation, which can be accessed by inputting an address, or hitting the ‘get directions’ options when viewing a location. Get it here:Apple App Store
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