IN PICTURES: Parrot ZIK headphones take off in Sydney

French tech company, Parrot, released its new Zik wireless headphones at a launch event in Sydney. The Bluetooth headphones are designed specifically for smartphones and will cost $499 when released locally in August.

  • Hot off the launch of its AR.Drone 2.0, Parrot releases its Bluetooth enabled ZIK headphones in Australia with a launch in Sydney

  • The ZIK headsets of display

  • The stage is set for the launch

  • Preparations are made for arriving guests

  • Attendees mingling before the launch

  • Attendees observing the announcement

  • Parrot's representative speaks about ZIK's features

  • An attendee examines the ZIK headset

  • Attendees mingling during the event

  • Music performance at the end of the event

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