In Pictures: 10 file-sharing options

Even with all the online storage now available, sharing files with colleagues can still be a problem. We look at 10 online services -- including Dropbox, Google Drive and YouSendIt -- that can help you upload and/or download your data.

  • MediaFire The MediaFire tool can upload files in bulk; it can capture screenshots from the desktop and upload those as well.

  • RapidShare RapidShare's desktop client includes a remote file manager, upload manager and drag-and-drop upload client.

  • ShareFile ShareFile's desktop-sync application is written in Adobe Air, so it doesn't have amenities like a right-click context menu, but the app gives you the ability to generate a download link for each file or folder.

  • YouSendIt Files hosted in YouSendIt can be delivered to others with the requirement that they verify their identity by creating a YouSendIt account.

  • Box Bulk uploads to Box are accomplished through a Java applet. Users of the free version have access to the Web interface; paid accounts can use desktop apps.

  • Dropbox Dropbox's close integration with a computer's operating system makes it easy both to upload files and to send out links for downloading the files.

  • Google Drive If you want to share any documents uploaded to Google Drive, you have to do it through Google's Web interface; there is no desktop client.

  • Minus Minus' desktop client works as both an uploader and a remote file manager.

  • SkyDrive Microsoft Office-compatible files uploaded to Microsoft's SkyDrive can be edited directly in Office Web Apps (via the "Edit in browser" option).

  • SugarSync The SugarSync desktop file manager lets you see files across all your devices, even if they've been archived or deleted.

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