IN PICTURES: Synnex Alliance Roadshow 2012 Perth

Highlights from the first stop for this year of this annual roadshow

  • A lucky draw winner

  • The crowd at the event

  • Showcasing new laptop technologies

  • Showcasing new laptop technologies

  • The emcee

  • Testing out Kinect

  • Attendees check out technologies

  • One of the many lucky draws

  • The HP stand

  • Synnex CEO, Kee Ong, with vendors

  • Kee Ong and a Brother representative

  • The many vendor booths

  • The Laser booth

  • Entertainment for the evening

  • HP booth

  • Lenovo booth

  • Brother booth

  • WD booth

  • Asus booth

  • Laser booth

  • Registration stand

  • Giving out Synnex goodie bags

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