In Pictures: 9 high-tech glasses you might be seeing soon

The coming wave of techie headgear

  • With the exception of Bluetooth earpieces, there hasn't been much in the way of headgear available to the gadget-obsessed of late. That's all starting to change, however. As Google Glass leads the way toward a sophisticated (and kind of silly-looking) future, more plans for techie eyeware have come to light.

  • Google Glass While Google had teased the project as long ago as April, the splashy demo the company gave at its Google I/O developers conference dramatically raised Google Glass' profile.

  • "iGlasses"? Not to be outdone, of course, Apple was recently granted a patent on a similar type of eye-mounted computer.

  • Oakley Thumps Even though the well-known sunglasses maker said that it's been working on a system that projects images directly onto a lens, it's also had the Thumps – which feature a built-in digital music player – on the market since 2004.

  • Epson Moverio While you're unlikely to be able to (safely) jump out of an airplane while wearing it, Epson's Moverio head-mounted display could be great for sitting quietly on said airplane and watching a movie.

  • O2Amp 2AI Labs says its O2Amp glasses can let people – medical professionals, we sincerely hope – see blood flow beneath the skin. This will no doubt be very useful for diagnostic medicine, as well as creeping the hell out of people.

  • EyeSeeCam The EyeSeeCam detects the movement of a user's eyes and adjusts the position of attached cameras accordingly. Interesting, to be sure, though we're having a hard time coming up with groundbreaking uses off the top of our head.

  • Steampunk goggles On the other hand, of course, these have a clear and unambiguous use: looking cool.

  • Pivothead video recording eyewear Can't wait for Google's Project Glass? Try these video glasses on for size. Pivothead Video Eyewear lets you record video of your extreme adventures.

  • ? Yeah, we're not sure what's going on here either. But it certainly illustrates that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to geeky headwear.

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