IN PICTURES: ARN Rush to Mobility roundtable

Adobe, Citrix, Kaseya and their partners gathered over lunch to discuss the trend of mobility adoption and how it impacts the IT industry. The 2012 State of the IT Channel research has seen this technology trend double its growth potential from 12 months ago, securing the number 3 spot in terms of the key drivers for customer purchases. The question for the roundtable was: how can mobility providers create opportunities for their channel partners to ride the wave.

  • The menu for the day

  • (L-R) Citrix's Stuart Driver, Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses, Adobe's Michael Stoddart, Webqem's Larry Adler, Kaseya's Dermot McCann, Harbour IT's Scott Newell, Thomas Dureya's Rhys Evans, ARN's Rimin Dutt, Adobe's Steve Martin, ARN's Patrick Budmar and Citrix's Tony Edwards.

  • Adobe's Steve Martin

  • Harbour IT's Scott Newell

  • Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses

  • Kaseya's Dermot McCann

  • Adobe's Michael Stoddart

  • Citrix's Stuart Driver

  • Webqem's Larry Adler

  • Citrix's Tony Edwards

  • Adobe's Michael Stoddart

  • Discussions over lunch

  • Thomas Duryea's Rhys Evans

  • Martin discusses mobility

  • Listening to Driver

  • Adler speaking

  • Attendees at the lunch

  • Attendees at the lunch

  • Lunch is served

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