IN PICTURES: Intel Solutions Summit 2012 in Bali, Day 2

Intel recently held its annual Solutions Summit for its APAC partners in Nusa Dua, Bali, where it unveiled its latest developments in processor and motherboard technology and its partner strategy for the region. Day 2 highlights included a product showcase.

  • Intel showcased some of its latest technologies to its APAC partners

  • The show floor

  • The Intel-based booking system

  • The ultrabook display

  • A floating, rotating ultrabook

  • Ultrabooks on display

  • The digital home display

  • The guts of a PC setup aimed at the living room

  • The interconnectivity display

  • Demonstration of how an ultrabook can co-exist with smartphones and tablets

  • An Intel shaff demonstrates the benefits of SSD

  • The overclocking features of a desktop on display

  • An attendee tries the gaming setup

  • Intel's upcoming Android smartphone being demonstrated

  • An Intel staff member demonstrates the rendering capabilities of a Core-based system

  • An Intel staff member demonstrates an Intel-based server

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