IN PICTURES: Microsoft Cloud roundtable

ARN sat down with Microsoft, its partners and vendors to discuss one of the most lucrative opportunities in the market

  • Attendees listening to Smith

  • Attendees mingling before lunch

  • Attendees hear from levy

  • Attendees listening to Smith

  • Attendees listening to Farrow

  • ARN roundtable lunch sponsored by Microsoft

  • Entrée is served

  • Dilignet's Paul Heaton

  • (L-R) ZettaGrid's Nathan Harmon; Microsoft's Wendy Smith; ARN's Matthew Sainsbury; Data #3's Chris Farrow; Bluefire's Zack Levy; Dilignet's Paul Heaton;Jasco's Harold Melnick; Ensyst's Nick Stone; NewLease's Doug Tutus; Thomas Duryea's Luke McLean; Cisco Systems' Brad Engstrom; Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses; Microsoft's Toby Bowers; and ARN's Hafizah Osman

  • Attendees hear from levy

  • ZettaGrid's Nathan Harmon

  • Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses

  • Data #3's Chris Farrow

  • A delicious menu selection

  • Mains is served

  • Attendees mingling before lunch

  • Cisco Systems' Brad Engstrom

  • Attendees hear from levy

  • Attendees listen to Smith

  • NewLease's Doug Tutus

  • Bluefire's Zack Levy

  • Microsoft's Toby Bowers

  • Harmon voices his view

  • Ensyst's Nick Stone

  • Microsoft's Wendy Smith

  • Thomas Duryea's Luke McLean

  • Jasco's Harold Melnick

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