IN PICTURES: ARN Roundtable - Education

ARN sat down with prominent channel organisations to discuss one of the most lucrative opportunities in the market.

  • Johann Zimmern (Adobe)

  • Steve Martin (Adobe)

  • Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics)

  • Adler and Bailey in discussion

  • Leah Rix (Dell)

  • Wayne Weisse (Adobe)

  • In Discussion

  • The lunch menu

  • In Discussion

  • Trevor Bailey (Adobe)

  • Andrew Bennetto (EdSoft)

  • In Discussion

  • Zimmern and Martin in discussion

  • In Discussion

  • Larry Adler (Webqem)

  • In Discussion

  • The roundtable venue

  • In Discussion

  • From Left: Ryan Edwards (CSW-IT), Matthew Sainsbury (ARN), Trevor Bailey (Adobe), Steve Martin (Adobe), Larry Adler (Webqem), Hafizah Osman (ARN), Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics), Kirk Jones (Simply Technology), Craig Somerville (Somerville Group), Andrew Bennetto (EdSoft), Wayne Weisse (Adobe) and Johann Zimmern (Adobe).

  • In Discussion

  • Kirk Jones (Simply Technology)

  • Craig Somerville (Somerville Group)

  • In Discussion

  • Ryan Edwards(CSW-IT)

  • In Discussion

  • Attendees mingling at the verandah

  • Rix and Bailey in talks

  • Lunch is served

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