IN PICTURES: 2012 ARN IT Industry Awards Judges Lunch - part 1

The 2012 ARN IT Industry Awards kicked off with the Judges Lunch at The Ivy in Sydney with more than 70 of the IT's industry leaders attending. This is the first of three slideshows highlighting the event.

  • Welcome: ARN's Joanna Krol and Anoushka Bock

  • Getting tagged

  • Avnet's Laurie Sellers was obviously happy to get his name tag

  • Drinks, gentlemen?

  • ARN's Susan Searle, IBM's Gillian Paton, and IDG COmmunications' Davy Adams

  • Dicker Data's Ben Johnson (background) and Distribution Central's Nick Verykios

  • Syamntec's Peter Vasey, Express Data's David Peach, Symantec's Nick Bowden

  • HP's Darren Needham-Walker, ARN's Cherry Yumul, HP's Janice Cox, ARN's Spandas Lui

  • APC's Paul Tyrer and Ingram Micro's David Lenz

  • Trend Micro's David Higgins, WhiteGold's Leigh Howard, ARN's Mike Gee

  • Dicker Data's David Dicker and Ben Johnson

  • ARN's Nermin Bajric, Patrick Budmar and Hafizah Osman, flanked by DPSA's Scott Wiemer (left) and Jacques Tesson (right)

  • Distribution Central's Nick Verykios, Avnet's Paul Sadler, Nextgen Distribution's John Walters, ShoreTel's Jamie Romanin, Express Data's Peter Masters

  • ARN's Jennifer O'Brien, itX's Laurie Sellers, McAfee's Mona Lolas, McAfee's Matthew Old

  • Fortunetec's Sophia Huang, Veeam's Anastasia Chernyshova and Don Williams, ARN's Janice Tong

  • Guest mingle

  • VMware's Duncan Bennet, NewLease's Doug Tutus and Carolyn Agombar, VMware's John Donovan

  • Westcom's Melita Powys, Kaseya's Karen O'Donnell, ARN's Susan Searle, Juniper's Lani Edwards

  • Guests mingle

  • APC's Megan Sovik, ARN's Jessica Ross, Express Data's Donna Adam, ARN's Jennifer O'Brien

  • Channel Dynamics Moheb Moses, Kaseya's Dermot McCann

  • Sophos' Hwei Oh, IBM's Peter Masters

  • Telstra's Keith Masterton and ShoreTel's Jamie Romanin

  • IBM's Francois Vazille and Phil Cameron, VMware's Peter Di Pietrantonio

  • Guest mingle

  • ARN's Patrick Budmar, Adobe's Steve Martin, ARN's Hafizah Osman, Symantec's Nick Bowden

  • HP's Darren Needham-Walker, Intel's Kate Burleigh

  • OCS' Con Fiamegos, ARN's Susan Searle, Bluechip Infotech's Johnson Hsiung, ARN's Jennifer O'Brien

  • Fortunetec's Sophia Huang, Veeam's Don Williams and Anastasia Chernyshova

  • NewLease's Carolyn Agombar, VMware's Harshana Ariyaratne

  • ARN's Jessica Ross with Symantec's Peter Vasey (left) and Isaac Hamade

  • ARN's Cherry Yumul, HP's Janice Cox, HP's Chris Spence, ARN's Susan Searle, ICT 123 Ben O'Leary

  • Guests mingle

  • VMware's Peter Di Pietrantonio, Lenovo's Chris Kelly, IBM's Phil Cameron, VMware's Duncan Bennet, IBM's Francois Vazille

  • Juniper's Lani Edwards, Kaseya's Dermot McCann and Karen O'Donnell

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