IN PICTURES: Highlights from Sophos' "Threatsaurus"

Security vendor releases a handy guide book that takes a look at today's threat landscape

  • Exploits - "Takes advantage of a vulnerability in order to access or infect a computer"

  • Adware - "Software that displays advertisements on your computer"

  • 2011 was a big year for IT security due to the numerous high profile breaches and hacks that occured. To help explain some of the threats, Sophos has released a handy "Threatsaurus."

  • Backdoor trojans - "Allows someone to take control of another user's computer via the Internet without their permission"

  • Mobile phone malware - "Malware intended to run on mobile devices, such as smartphones or PDAs"

  • Document malware - "Takes advantage of embedded script or macro content in document files"

  • Browser hijackers - "Change the default home and search pages in your Internet browser without your permission"

  • Blended threats - "A combination of different malware techniques in an attack"

  • Viruses - "Computer programs that can spread by making copies of themselves"

  • Botnet - "A collection of infected computers that are remotely centrolled by a hacker"

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