IN PICTURES: ARN Distributor Roundtable - Partner Profitability

Distributors and partners get together to discuss profitability and future directions for the industry

  • Gavin Nixon (Reckon Limited)

  • Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics) and David Cannon (IBM)

  • Stephen Parker (Newlease) and Jacques Tesson (DPSA)

  • Ken Lowe (ASI)

  • Leigh Howard (Whitegold)

  • Craig Somerville (Somerville Group)

  • Robert Kingma (ICT Networks) and Tony Heywood (Westcon Group)

  • From left to right: Gavin Dixon (Reckon Limited), David Dicker (Dicker Data), Louis Abdilla (Content Security), Stephen Parker (NewLease), Tony Heywood (Westcon Group), David Cannon (IBM), Leigh Howard (WhiteGold), David Gage (Express Data), Jaques Tesson (DPSA), Craig Somerville (Somerville Group), Hafizah Osman (ARN), Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics), Robert Kingma (ICT Networks), Paul Harman (Alloys), Matthew Sainsbury (ARN), Nick Verykios (Distribution Central), Ken Lowe (ASI), Matthew Cameron (Vibe Group)

  • Nick Verykios (Distribution Central)

  • David Gage (Express Data)

  • Matthew Cameron (Vibe Group) and Paul Harman (Alloys)

  • David Cannon (IBM)

  • Paul Harman (Alloys)

  • Robert Kingma (ICT Networks)

  • David Dicker (Dicker Data)

  • Louis Abdilla (Content Security)

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