IN PICTURES: Stocking stuffers -15 great tech gifts under $US50

Are you holiday shopping for a tech lover or geek, but staying on a budget? We have 15 great suggestions ranging from LED belt buckles to remote-controlled zombies.

  • Apple Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand for iPad ... Why it's cool: Minimalist and versatile, this stand allows the user to view and interact with their tablet in two different ways: in easel mode or in work mode. Who it's for: Any iPad or iPad 2 owner. $US40

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Wireless Headset ... Why it's cool: This sleek, silver headset - designed by the company that created "Halo: Reach" - will keep your favorite gamers connected to their team as they plunge into the battlefield. Who it's for: A gamer who is especially fond of the "Halo" series. Note: A Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Membership is necessary for online multiplayer. $US50

  • Monserat De Lucca Pac-Man Earrings ... Why they're cool: These brass Pac-Man and Ghost earrings will bring compliments left and right from knowledgeable gaming fiends. Who they're for: The game-crazy fashionista in your life. $US48

  • NeatoShop's Bacon Wallet ... Why it's cool: Every time your gift recipient pulls out this wallet from NeatoShop, it will trigger bacon cravings. And money is always better with bacon. Who it's for: Bacon lovers around the world. $US11

  • Exploding Andy (Android) T-Shirt ... Why it's cool: This sure-to-be classic from Chris Bishop depicts Andy and Steve in a war where victory could go either way. Who it's for: Android and Apple aficionados. $US15

  •'s Clocks Made From Computer Hard-Drive Parts ... Why they're cool: The clocks tell time, of course - but more important, they beautify rooms with a geeky edge. Who they're for: Hardware computer junkies. Note: Vendors on sell hard-drive clocks in various styles, employing everything from simple metals to plastic-neon colored parts to Harry Potter-inspired components. $US27-$US48

  • Remote-Control Walking Zombie ... Why it's cool: Powered by a remote-control brain and nearly 8 inches tall, this groaning and gesticulating zombie will have its recipient dying of laughter. Who it''s for: Adults or kids (preferably those who are into zombies). $US25

  • Redford Films Dr. Who Action Figures Why they're cool: These detailed and authentic action figures available on will keep your "Who" lover company and provoke geeky debates on which actor gave the best portrayal of the Doctor. Who they're for: Anyone who follows the popular British TV show, Dr. Who. Doctor Who: 5-inch Action Figure 11th Doctor "Crash" Set (2 Pack - $US23)

  • Snowball Blaster ... Why it's cool: Sleek and triple-chambered, this blaster produces a powerful bombardment of perfectly formed snowballs. Who it's for: Adults and children alike (especially if they often partake in snowball fights). $US40

  • Logitech M525 Mouse ... Why it's cool: This precise wireless mouse provides up to three years of life from a single set of batteries. Oh, and did we mention that its single Unifying receiver is capable of connecting to up to six compatible devices? Who it's for: The computing geek in your life. $US40

  • Ecko Unlimited Zipper Earbuds ... Why they're cool: These zipper-inspired earbuds feature a fully functional zipper in place of the typical headphone cable. They'll have your special someone jamming in style. Who they're for: Anyone who'd like a dash of hip in their hardware. Note: The earbuds come in a variety of colors, and prices vary. You can find them at several online vendors, including $US20-$US23

  • Android Plush Toy ... Why it's cool: This 12-inch, huggable green android from Sears and other vendors will let your friends show their love for their favorite smartphone -- and keep them cozy at night. Who it's for: Ultimate Android fans. $US20

  • ThinkGeek Yoda Plush Backpack ... Why it's cool: Soft and lovable, this Yoda backpack will keep your special someone's things safe, and also fill the recipient with the joy of having given a Jedi Master a piggyback ride. Who it's for: Any Star Wars fan. $40

  • ThinkGeek Scrolling LED Belt Buckle ... Why it's cool: This chrome-framed buckle with vibrant blue LEDs adds humor and bling to any ensemble. The buckle stores up to six messages, so wearers can express a variety of thoughts. Who it's for: Those brave enough to sport a little flash. $US30

  • GelaSkins for Tablets, Smartphones or iPods ... Why they're cool: These removable vinyl skins from GelaSkins, with designs drawn from fine art prints and graphics, will protect tech gadgets as well as add a little spice to them. Who they're for: Owners of portable devices (smartphones, music players, laptops, handheld game machines, tablets, e-readers) who don't want their tech to get nicked or scratched. $US15-$US30

  • Electrifying Holiday Gifts That Won’t Fry Your Credit Card: From a wireless mouse that runs for up to three years on a single set of batteries to stylish Pac-Man earrings, these 15 cool gifts are well priced and guaranteed to have your loved one geeking out in no time.

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