In Pictures: TechMo gallery of top Mo's past

Take a look at a collection of good and bad facial furniture that has graced the TechMo gallery from the past. Now it's time for the 2011 mo show - so once your Mo starts growing, send in your photos along with your Movember ID to ARN's Hafizah Osman: ...

  • We're taking you through what we think were some of the Movember efforts from the past. The TechMo Gallery first took off in 2007.

  • And some of the best from 2008.....

  • This is what it looked like in 2009. ASI's Jeff Leggett

  • In 2009 - Avnet's Gavin Lawless

  • Datacom's Peter Meredith

  • itX's Toni Sheals

  • Avnet's Jan Smith

  • M86's Serdar Yelutas

  • Best from the Movember Gallery in 2010 - The Synnex Mo Bro's

  • Unisys' Craig Blair

  • Computer Systems Australia's Darren Guinness

  • Javrow's Steve Foster

  • The Alliance Equipment Finance team

  • Alloys' Kane Ford

  • The Gartner Groomers

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