IN PICTURES: IBM roundtable on the dynamic cloud

ARN, IBM and its partners came together to sit and discuss the major issues facing the IT industry and the dynamic cloud.

  • From left to right: Barry Feyder (IBM), James Watson (Oakton), Scott Marchant (TestPro), Daniel Forsythe (the missing link network integration), Martin Stubbs-Race (IBM), Robert Sherry (IBM), Mark Stevenson (Rapidfire), Ivan Hecimovic (Avnet), Peter Kazacos (Anittel), Graeme Clark (Advent One), Ken Chester (Meier Business Systems), Matthew Sainsbury (ARN), Samuel Yeats (Ultra Serve), Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics), Darren Elsby (Ingram Micro), Patrick Budmar (ARN)

  • Pre-event drinks and discussion

  • The discussion gets underway

  • From left to right: Matthew Sainsbury (ARN), Robert Sherry (IBM)

  • From left to right: James Watson (Oakton), Ken Chester (Meier Business Systems)

  • From left to right: Mark Stevenson (Rapidfire), Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics), Matthew Sainsbury (ARN), Robert Sherry (IBM)

  • Barry Feyder (IBM)

  • Peter Kazacos (Anittel)

  • James Watson (Oakton)

  • From left to right: Ivan Hecimovic (Avnet), Scott Marchant (TestPro)

  • From left to right: Patrick Budmer (ARN), Samuel Yeats (Ultra Serve), Martin Stubbs-Race (IBM), Peter Kazacos (Anittel)

  • Samuel Yeats (Ultra Serve)

  • Daniel Forsythe (the missing link network integration)

  • From left to right: Daniel Forsythe (the missing link network integration), Graeme Clark (Advent One)

  • From left to right: Robert Sherry (IBM), Darren Elsby (Ingram Micro), Barry Feyder (IBM)

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