In Pictures: Inside iiNet HQ in Perth - iiNet Open Day part one

During the ISP's third annual Open Day, iiNet HQ was opened to the public. ARN was able to tour the office from iiLabs to the customer service centre and the network operations centre.

  • During iiNet's third annual Open Day, the ISP's Perth office was opened to the public. Internet related workshops for iiNet users were held in the building while seminars were on at the ACE Cinemas next door.

    The office tours allowed attendees to take a peek of into iiNet's heart of operations. The tours covered a number of departments including sales, iiLabs, customer service centre and the network operations centre.

  • iiNet staff we're all enthusiastically participating in the Open Day.

  • iiNet was giving out goody bags at the registration desk.

  • Many seniors attended the workshops to learn more about how to do their own troubleshooting should they encounter problems with their Internet connection and so on.

  • The iiNet motif was littered around the office.

  • iiNet's history in beautifully decorated panels.

  • It was apparent the iiNet office staff have a great sense of humour and place a great value on having fun at work.

  • As it was getting closer to Halloween, the office was heavily decorated.

    This is the sales department.

  • But no department took decorations more seriously than the customer service centre.

  • The pictures say it all.

  • Notice the post-it Nyan Cat on the window.

  • While it was important for customer service representatives to be in a fun and open environment, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, according to iiNet.

    Reps are not under any time constraints to resolve calls and senior staff are constantly on hand to help answer difficult customer queries.

  • Good customer feedback was displayed on the Wow Wall.

  • The BoBsquad is a unit within iiNet which deals with customer problems or queries on-site.

    Bobby, pictured here, runs the BoBsquad.

  • For $99 as the starting rate for one hour, iiNet customers can get a member of the BoBsquad to come out to sort out their Internet-related issues.

    The unit has been in operation in Perth for around 12 months.

    iiNet plans to bring the BoBsquad to Sydney and Melbourne next month.
  • These BoBsquad vehicles also double as mobile sales units as they also carry stock of iiNet products.

  • While the cost of operating the BoBsquad is fairly high, iiNet wants to continue developing it and eventually turning it into a profit making unit.

  • iiNet Labs. Staff were very focused on their work at developing the next consumer-orientated iiNet product.

  • Traditionally referred to as the network operations centre (NOC), iiNet prefers to call this the operations centre since it doesn't only deal with the network but also customer loads, public announcements about outages and so on.

    This is more like air traffic control, according to iiNet.

  • These guys take their jobs very seriously.

  • iiNet operations centre.

  • iiNet's product testing area.

  • Products are tested here to make sure they perform the way they should.

  • FetchTV on the test bench.

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