SLIDESHOW: Inside Zynga's crazy new headquarters

  • Zynga Creative Director Bill Jackson gives the first look at Zynga's new game, CastleVille.

  • Zynga's executives each have an avatar that looks uncannily like them. Here's CEO Mark Pincus in front of his.

  • The reception desk looks like it's fashioned after a cabin in FarmVille.

  • There are a few bits of modern art scattered around the lobby, like this arrow made from mirrors.

  • At its previous office, a few blocks away, Zynga hired students from the culinary academy across the street to work in its kitchen. One of the students now runs its new kitchen.

  • Zynga Creative Director Bill Jackson introduces one of the characters from its new CastleVille game.

  • Zynga invited the media to its new offices in San Francisco's South of Market District, where startups for years have been leasing warehouse space and turning it into trendy offices.

  • Like a lot of Web startups, Zynga goes out of the way to make its offices fun and creative. There's a Winnebago parked in the foyer, where apparently meetings are sometimes held.

  • Here's Zynga CTO Cadir Lee standing in front of his avatar. he's also the "tallest" and "smartest" person in the company, according to CEO Mark Pincus.

  • The huge lobby on the ground floor houses the staff canteen and, on this day, a stage where the company showed its new games to the press on Tuesday.

  • To get in the building you walk through a tunnel lined with colored fluorescent tubes.

  • The office has a huge foyer and 4 floors of office space upstairs. here, the Zynga staff hang over the balconies to say hello.

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