IN PICTURES: 2011 ARN IT INDUSTRY AWARDS - Candid shots from the dinner

Highlights of the glittering night at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney

  • IBM's Phil Cameron and Somerville Group's Craig Somerville

  • Nextgen's John Walters and Lenovo's Daren Finney

  • Avnet's Gavin Lawless and Greg Newham

  • DPSA's Nina Hirapetians and ASI's Maree Lowe

  • ICT123's Ben O'Leary (centre)

  • VMware's Emma Rogers and Len Rust

  • Left: Datacom's Mark McWilliams

  • Left: VMware's John Donovan

  • Kokoda trail walkers: Nextgen's John Walters, Somerville Group's Craig Somerville (centre), InfraServ's Roy Pater

  • Maree and Ken Lowe with ARN's Julia Talevski

  • Trend Micro team

  • MC Vince Sorrenti and ARN's Jennifer O'Brien

  • Channel Dynamic's Moheb Moses, ARN's Susan Searle, CA Scott Caulfield and ARN's Jessica Ross

  • Right: Avnet's Greg Newham

  • IBM Francois Vazille (centre)

  • CA's Scott Caulfield and IBM's Phil Cameron

  • Right: VMware's John Donovan

  • ARN's Anoushka Bock, Joanna Krol and Jennifer O'Brien

  • Lenovo's Daren Finney, Intel's Kate Burleigh and Network Neighborhood's Hanspeter Eiselt

  • Dicker Data's David Dicker

  • Cisco's Kirsten Hunter

  • Somerville Group's Craig Somerville

  • Right: Westcon's Nabil Yaghi

  • Right: Data#3's Carolyn Sweeney

  • Westcon's Wendy O'Keeffe

  • Harbour IT's Michael Guisti (centre)

  • Right: VMware's Peter Di Pietrantonio

  • Left:VMware's Emma Rogers

  • IBM's Phil Cameron, ARN's Susan Searle, Somerville Group's Craig Somerville and ARN's Jennifer O'Brien

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