IN PICTURES: 2011 ARN IT Industry Awards - Champagne Reception (1)

Highlights from the glittering night at the Hilton Hotel

  • Anittel's Peter Kazacos (centre)

  • From right: WhiteGold's Jonathan Odria, Aastra's Tony Warhurst and Gosia Luszpinska

  • ARN's Mike Gee and Westcon's Nabil Yaghi

  • Drink up!

  • Anyware's Cameron Anstee, ARN's Jennifer O'Brien

  • Welcome to the 2011 ARN Awards

  • ARN's Susan Searle and Westcon's David Henderson

  • Avnet's Niall O'Gorman (left)

  • The crowd is pumping

  • Trend Micro's Adam Biviano (right)

  • Second from left Westcon's Tony Heywood and fourth from left Citrix's Neville James

  • Synnex's Arthur Gimisis with guests and Intel's Andrew McLean

  • ARN's Susan Searle (centre) and Kyocera's Pip Hill

  • DPSA's Jacques Tesson with ASI's Maree and Ken Lowe

  • Left McAfee's Mona Lolas, Express Data's Alison McQuarrie (centre), second from right McAfee's Robbie Upcroft

  • IBM's Phil Cameron (centre)

  • Guests start making their way into the reception

  • ASI's Justin Lowe, ARN's Julia Talevski with the rest of the ASI crew.

  • DiData's Steve Nola, ARN's Matthew Sainsbury and Steve Martin

  • Second from right: BigAir's Jason Ashton

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