IN PICTURES: A tour of Panasonic's Kounosuke Matsushita Historical Museum

Located in Osaka, the Kounosuke Matsushita Historical Museum tracks the history of the company, from light bulb to rugged notebook

  • More whitegoods. Panasonic has always enjoyed a wide portfolio.

  • The first radio produced by Panasonic (then operating under the brand "National," a brand that has only finally been retired from the Japan homeland in the past year).

  • TVs have been a staple of Panasonic's product line throughout most of its history.

  • The man who started it all. Kounosuke Matsushita was so far forward thinking that he set his company a 250-year business plan, which forms a core part of the modern business philosophy for Panasonic.

  • National also branched into whitegoods early, as a core philosophy of Kounosuke Matsushita was to improve happiness through manufacturing. On the left is a washing machine.

  • Jump forward to today, and like most Japanese electronics vendors, Panasonic has produced its fair share of the weird, wonderful and fun designs.

  • It didn't take long for the early successes to start to lead to branching product lines for the fledgling manufacturer.

  • Recognising the value of advertising, Kounosuke Matsushita advertised his company in the newspapers at the time from a very early stage.

  • An early, very primative TV.

  • The statue of Kounosuke Matsushita that stands in front of the museum.

  • A view of the massive Panasonic business campus from outside of the museum.

  • Inside, the wall of photos that marks important people and moments in Panasonic's long history.

  • The first product ever produced by Panasonic was this, the lightbulb.

  • The innards of early electronics.

  • The first product released under the Panasonic brand (then PanaSonic).

  • What set the product apart was Kounosuke Matsushita's designs. As an inventor he held a number of personal patents.

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