IN PICTURES: HP hit print in Shanghai

Highlights from HP's annual global Imaging and Printing Conference in Shanghai, China

  • The presentations were a professional production, recorded in broadcast quality and also UN-style translators were on hand to facilitate communications with the Japanese press contingent.

  • The keynote from HP image and printing group VP, Vyomesh Joshi, touted the firm's innovation credentials, having registered more than 14,000 patents

  • When you can't print, use a screen.

  • Journalists were captivated by the new range of printers announced by HP

  • A Chinese pop star entertained conference attendees, and in the background her chart-topping music video told the story of how HP eprint technology can be used to facilitate modern day romance

  • Shanghai original pearl tower

  • A tasty treat

  • A tasty treat

  • It was easy to navigate around the huge Kerry Hotel in Shanghai

  • Get the message ..

  • One of HP's latest printers

  • A cross-platform presentation to demonstrate how HP's smartphone applications allow you to print documents and photos from anywhere, and on any printer

  • HP Imaging and printing group VP South Pacific Richard Bailey (left), and Asia-Pacific and Japan senior vice-president (John Solomon) (right)

  • Cutting costs significantly is the message with this new range

  • Even for HP, there are times you just can't beat good-old fashion pen and paper

  • HP ePrint in action

  • Head of Ronald McDonald House Charities based in Randwick, Margaret Noonan, took the stage to explain how eprint technologies had brightened the lives of disadvantaged children

  • Will she be printing the photos from an HP printer?

  • HP announced a new 3D scanner for consumers, which was demonstrated by Mr Joshi and captured by the Asia tech media paparazzi

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