IN PICTURES: Top 15 iPhone 5 and iPad 3 concept designs - beauty imagined

Eager to see how Apple refreshes its phone and tablet? These designers offer a gallery of well-designed suggestions for the next generation of Apple's popular products.

  • Mood LED iPhone 5: This iPhone 5 concept from Kazi Shahriar Ahmed of Bangladesh has an LED in the home button that blinks white when there’s a notification, green for an incoming call or charging, or red when the battery is low. Photo: Kazi Shahriar Ahmed

  • iPhone Evolution: Polish design studio Midsailors have taken an incremental update approach to the iPhone 5, adding an iPad-like metal back and contour, while the front and side remain similar to the iPhone 4. Photo: Mindsailors

  • Size Zero iPhone 5: Antonello Falcone’s iPhone 5 concept features a 4.6-inch display with curved glass edges, in a thin (8.4mm), yet longer form factor and a soft touch home button. Photo: Antonello Falcone via iSpazio

  • iPhone 5 meets iPad 2: This concept from iPhaze is based on rumors that the iPhone 5 will borrow design cues from the iPad 2 and will be as thin as the latest iPod Touch. Photo: Craig Philips/iPhaze

  • Imagination running wild: The iPhone 5 is widely expected to arrive sometime in September. Or it may appear in October, depending where you’ve heard the rumors about it. But Apple has not actually said when the iPhone 5 will arrive, or even confirm its existence. With no word from Apple, designers have let their imagination run wild and came up with some amazing concepts for the next-generation iPhone. iPad 3 concepts are not in short supply either, so click through for some of the best designs for this next-generation vaporware.

  • iPhone Pro: The iPhone Pro concept from Italian design firm ADR Studio has a MagSafe connector for easy charging, a bigger display, and the power button at the top back. Photo: ADR Studio

  • iPhone 5 (S): Guilherme Schasiepen’s iPhone 5 concept is also in keeping with the current iPhone 4 design, but adds ‘invisible [light, proximity] sensors’ at the top, a 4-inch screen, a FaceTime HD camera at the front, and an 8-megapixel shooter on the back. Photo: Guilherme Schasiepen

  • Curvy iPhone 5: This iPhone 5 concept comes from designer Pietro Schirano, who said he was inspired for this mockup by the wildfire of current iPhone 5 rumours. Photo: Pietro Schirano/Dorian Darko

  • Glossy iPad 3: Roman Sima also designed a concept for a glossy iPad 3, to match its iPhone 5 counterpart, with a slightly rounder profile and corners, compared to the iPad 2. Photo: Roman Vladimir Sima

  • Back To The Future: This iPhone concept from design company Designed by Item picks up cues from the 3GS, but has an iPhone 4-like rim and back. Photo: Designed by Item

  • iPhone Air: Federico Ciccarese has merged an iPhone 4 with a MacBook Air, resulting in their love child, the iPhone Air. Photo: CiccacareseDesign

  • iPhone 5G: The iPhone 5G concept from French design studio NAK features a rounded top and bottom and comes in four color options, like the iPod Nano line. Photo: NAK Studio

  • iPhone Full Screen: The iPhone 5 concept by Alternative Industries rocks a 4.5-inch edge-to-edge display, has no home button, features an integrated SIM, and is only 4mm thick. Photo: Alternative Industries

  • iPad 3 meets iPhone 4: The iPad 3 concept from Guilherme Schasiepen has an iPhone 4-like glass back, as well as a metal band on the sides. Photo: Guilherme Schasiepen

  • Slide-up iPhone 5: The iPhone 5 concept from Joy Studios features a larger, 4.2-inch display and lacks a home button, which is replaced by a touch-sensitive area (slide up to open the multitasking menu). Photo: Joy Studios

  • Glossy iPhone 5: The glossy iPhone 5 concept from Moldavian designer Roman Sima showcases a plastic-covered iPhone, which could make the device lighter overall. Photo: Roman Vladimir Sima

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