PRODUCTS: Logitech's new wireless mouse, cooling pad and retractable touchpad

Wireless mouse M325 features precision scroll wheel, cooling pad N200 provides maximum airflow with minimum noise and Touch Lapdesk N600 makes it easier to navigate through the Web

  • The energy efficient cooling pad N200

  • 5-inch, retractable touchpad with multi-touch navigation

  • Enables smoother scrolling and reduced on-screen motion choppiness

  • The Touch Lapdesk N600

  • Moves the user backward and forward through webpages when tilted to the left or right

  • Large touchpad that easily navigates through the Web

  • Front lip prevents the laptop from slipping around

  • Features a virtually silent, tilted fan with a large grill, rear and side air intakes, two fan speeds and an off switch that adjusts airflow

  • The wireless mouse M325

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