IN PICTURES: ARN Hall of Fame 2011 lunch

As part of the lead up to 2011 ARN It Industry Awards, the third annual Hall of Fame lunch was held at Est in Sydney as the channel's Hall of Famers came together to discuss a broad range of topics in an intimate roundtable. Photos: Ian Sharp

  • The venue

  • The menu ... the food was excellent!

  • The wine ... splendid!

  • From left: David Dicker (Dicker Data), Peter Kazacos (Anittel), Phil Cameron (IBM), Maree Lowe (ASI Solutions), Matthew Sainsbury, ARN), John Grant (Data#3), Susan Searle (ARN), John Walters (Nextgen Distribution), Laurie Sellers (Avnet), David Henderson (formerly EMC), Phil Cronin (IBM), Steve Nola (Dimension Data), Ross Cochrane (Express Data), Mike Gee (ARN), Ken Lowe (ASI Solutions)

  • Ross Cochrane, Laurie Sellers, Phil Cameron

  • John Grant, David Dicker, Peter Kazacos, Phil Cronin

  • David Dicker and Maree Lowe

  • David Dicker, Maree Lowe, Peter Kazacos, Phil Cronin, John Grant

  • Mike Gee and Ken Lowe

  • John Grant and Susan Searle

  • Peter Kazacos, Susan Searle, John Grant and Matthew Sainsbury

  • Mingling...

  • Susan Searle and Laurie Sellers

  • David Dicker and Phil Cronin

  • Peter Kazacos and Ross Cochrane

  • Mike Gee and Maree Lowe

  • Discussion ...

  • Matthew Sainsbury, Steve Nola and David Dicker

  • Steve Nola, David Dicker and Phil Cronin

  • Susan Searle and Laurie Sellers

  • Ken Lowe performs quality control

  • The roundtable ...

  • The roundtable

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