IN PICTURES: Top 15 Android Apps For Smartphone Shutterbugs

Use these Android apps to add effects to your mobile photos and make them easier to take

  • 3. FxCamera ... Price: Free ... FxCamera only features a handful of effects like ToyCam, Fisheye or Warhol, but its ease of use makes it one of the most popular Android apps in the genre.

  • 8. PicSay Pro ... Price: $US4.22 ... PicSay Pro is another great all-in-one photo editor (with artistic effects, adjustments and shooting modes), with the added twist of Android 3.0 Honeycomb support, so you can use it on your tablet’s large display.

  • 14. Camera Fun Pro ... Price: $US0.99 ... Camera Pro stands out among other photo effects app for one cool reason: it applies the effects live, before you click to take a picture (like PhotoBooth on the iPad 2). There are 29 lens included, some artistic and some just plain fun (such as bulge, swirl, stretch).

  • 11. Action Snap ... Price: Free ... Action Snap creates funky action pictures by taking multiple shots and then arranging them in a grid of your choice. Once you decided on the grid layout, you can also add effects like Sepia or LOMO filter.

  • 7. Camera 360 ... Price: Free ... Camera 360 is like a supercharged native Android camera: it simulates HDR, it has various shooting modes like Tilt-Shift and Color-Shift and plenty of artistic effects--making this app is easily one of the best in this category (also see Camera 360 Ultimate, $US3.99).

  • 1. Vignette ... Price: $US4.06 ... You won't run out of inspiration easily with Vignette. The app has over 100 film and camera effects and supports the phone camera's full resolution, so results are not just the size of your phone's display.

  • 5. Fast Camera ... Price: $US2.82 ... For when you need to take a photo with your phone instantly, check out Fast Camera. It takes photos just by pressing the (hardware) camera button, without any delays-but because of this, photo resolution is lower than usual (dependent on phone model).

  • 13. Roidizer ... Price: Free ... Roidizer is a fuss-free Polaroid effect app for Android that can also add seven filters to your photos. You can annotate the shots with up to six font styles, and then share them on your social network of choice.

  • 4. Pro Paint Camera ... Price: Free ... Pro Paint Camera allows you to replace your default camera on Droid, Galaxy and Nexus devices (and several others), adding effects, filters, clipart, focus control and sharing capabilities.

  • 2. PicsIn Photo Studio ... Price: Free ... PicsIn Photo Studio (previously known as Photoid) features many photo effects, frames and stickers you can apply to your photos. The Fun Goo feature, which allows you to stretch and twist faces, is particularly entertaining.

  • 10. Andropan ... Price: Free ... Andropan is a simple and easy to use app that allows you to take panoramic pictures with your phone. Photos are stitched manually in the free version, or automatically in the paid version at $US3.46.

  • 6. Photoshop Express ... Price: Free ... Photoshop Express is the companion app for Adobe’s online photo storage service, but the app also allows you to seamlessly crop, rotate, and touch-up your local photos, as well as add artistic effects.

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  • 9. Retro Camera ... Price: Free ... If you want to take cool, retro-looking photos, this app can deliver. There are several types of cameras and effects available, and if you want to get rid of the ads, it will cost you $US2.99.

  • 15. WarpCam ... Price: Free ... WarpCam adds another level of fun with your phone's camera by allowing live photo distortion. You get eight free distortion effects, and if you go Pro for $1.36, you get rid of the ads and get many more effects.

  • 12. Eye-Fi ... Price: Free ... If you own an Eye-Fi SD card, this companion app allows you to wirelessly download photos from a digital camera straight to your phone. The app also helps you to organize the shots and share them (via Wi-Fi or 3G) on your favorite photo sites.

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