IN PICTURES: Top 15 Music apps for your smartphone

Check out 15 apps for iOS and Android phones to make your music listening experience better.

  • Aweditorium: Aweditorium is a novel music discovery app for your iPad. It displays a grid of thumbnails that you can tap to find out more about artists and bands, listen to their music and watch their videos-a great way to find out about new music otherwise you wouldn't have heard of. Platform: iOS. Price: Free

  • Winamp: Before iTunes there was Winamp, and the music llama is now on Android. The app can sync music wirelessly with your computer (separate download required), allows you to listen to online radio stations and you can arrange your play queue as you like. Platform: Android. Price: Free

  • My Artists: This app brings a new interface to listen to the music stored on your phone. The app enhances your music with fresh photos and biographies for each artist and helps you find new music via similar artists recommendations and smart tags. Platform: iOS. Price: $2.49

  • Amazon MP3: Amazon's MP3 app is not only a music store for your Android device, but also a cloud music player. Amazon allows you to upload your songs on its servers (5GB free) and you can stream them to your device. Here's how it works. Platform: Android. Price: Free

  • SoundHound: Claims the title for the fastest music recognition app. You just point your phone to a music source and the song is identified, just like Shazam, but slightly quicker. The app can also display lyrics and artist info for songs stored on your iPhone. Platform: iOS and Android. Price: $8.99

  • DoubleTwist Player: DoubleTwist is a beautifully designed music video and radio player for Android devices that syncs with PCs, Macs and iTunes. The AirSync companion app allows you to sync media files to your phone over Wi-Fi, and stream them to Xbox, PlayStation 3 consoles and AirPlay-enabled devices like the Apple TV 2. Platform: Android. Price: Free

  • PowerAMP: A powerful music player for Android with a plethora of features, including a 10-band equalizer and separate bass and treble adjustment to fine-tune your music. Several UI versions are on board, as well as 4 home screen widgets and PowerAMP can download missing album artwork too. Platform: Android. Price: $US4.99

  • Cubed: A serious default music player alternative, with a cool UI. Album artwork is displayed on a cube that you rotate with your finger to move through artists and music. The app also uses a play queue, and if you don't like the cube, you can use a grid or list view for your music. Platform: Android. Price: Free

  • Google Music Beta: Allows you to upload your music to Google's servers and stream it back to your Android phone or tablet. The service is free for a limited time and restricted to US users at the moment. Platform: Android 2.2 and Newer. Price: Free

  • Pandora: Everyone's favorite Internet radio is a great example of iOS integration with multitasking, iPhone and iPad versions, social features, and simple yet elegant interface. Also check out LastFM (free) as an alternative. Platform: iOS. Price: Free

  • bTunes: If you miss your iPod, bTunes is a simple music player that brings the iOS iPod app interface to Android. The app plays music stored on your phone and includes voice commands, missing album art downloads, and lock screen controls. Platform: Android. Price: $US1.49

  • Slacker Radio: Allows you to create personalized radio stations from over 100 musical genres and listen to them on your phone. Like Pandora and LastFM, Slacker Radio is a great way to discover new music. Platform: Android. Price: Free.

  • Amp Music Player: a true alternative to the iPod app. It features song queuing, so you can line up the next songs playing, and also six skins to set it apart. The app also features Facebook and Twitter integration. Platform: iOS. Price: $1.19

  • Audiogalaxy: Audiogalaxy might look a lot like the iPod app, but there's a big difference: music is not stored on your phone. You upload your non-DRM songs via a Web interface and then you can stream your music to your phone via WiFi and even 3G. Platform: iOS and Android. Price: Free

  • TuneIn Radio: Allows you to listen to over 40,000 terrestrial radio stations across the world (or closer to home via GPS/Wi-Fi location). The paid version ($1.19) also allows you to pause and record live radio stations, and also gets rid of the ads. Platform: iOS and Android. Price: Free

  • Music On-the-Go: Tired of listening to the same songs in your music library, or you just want to unshackle your phone from cables linking to your computer? We’ve got you covered. Here are 15 apps for iOS and Android phones to make your music listening experience better.

  • mSpot Music: mSpot is like iTunes in the cloud: you add your personal music collection to an online locker (first 5GB free), and the app then streams it to your phone. Simple and easy. Platform: iOS and Android. Price: Free

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