IN PICTURES: Top 15 iPhone and iPad apps that cost $1.19

Small investments can reap big rewards when it comes to dirt cheap iPhone and iPad apps

  • Pimp Your Screen: Customise your iPhone and iPad to your liking with an endless resource of backgrounds, including some cool app shelves and icon skins, for both older and newer models with Retina screens.

  • Celsius: This utilitarian weather app has a nifty twist: it displays the current temperature outside as a badge of the app icon-so you don't have to open the app to have a quick look at the weather. The app is universal (iPhone+iPad).

  • Camera+ ... As the name suggests, Camera+ is an advanced app for your iPhone, with tons of extra features including, stabilizers, grids, exposure and focus control, editing features and multiple effects.

  • Would you recommend this slideshow? YES605 NO652 WhatsApp Messenger: Until iMessage arrives with iOS5 this fall, WhatsApp can send text, group, video, audio, and photo messages not only to other iPhone uses, but also on Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones too.

  • Fruit Ninja: Splash and splatter fruit with a swipe of your finger across the screen. The challenge comes from bombs and other fruity-themes obstacles. You can double the fun in multiplayer mode either on the same device or via Game Center.

  • The Heist: A challenging puzzle game, The Heist adds another layer of fun to the action. Those who crack the final puzzle will win a secret prize from the company behind MacHeist, popular for selling Mac software bundles at discount prices.

  • Top 100: For your buck and a bit, Top 100 lists the top album and single charts from around the world. You can listen to any full songs from the listings, as well as watch the music videos.

  • QuickShot with Dropbox: QuickShot is meant to be a simple camera replacement app that uploads to your Dropbox account automatically every photo you take with your iPhone or iPad 2.

  • Tiny Wings: Still in the bird games category, but not as angry, Tiny Wings is a one-touch arcade game where you guide a bird with tiny wings to fly by sliding across hills. The game world changes on a daily basis with new backgrounds and graphics.

  • Cut the Rope: The little green monster is anxious for you to feed him candy, but there will be obstacles. Cut the Rope challenges you to collect coins while maneuvering a piece of hard candy through puzzles of air pumps, bubbles and catapults.

  • TuneIn Radio Pro: In addition to the free version, TuneIn Radio Pro allows you to not only listen, but also record from around 40,000 radio stations, along with traditional AM/FM stations. The app is universal (iPhone+iPad).

  • Angry Birds: If there's one $1.19 game you have to have, then it's the worldwide phenomenon Angry Birds. The paid version gives you 240 levels (more added with each update) with lots of angry birds seeking revenge from the green piglets.

  • Shine: A sleek replacement to Apple's Weather app, Shine keeps it simple by only displaying what you need to see. There are advanced features too, with 7-day, 72-hour forecasts and multiple saved locations.

  • MyPad+ ... Facebook doesn't have an official iPad client app, and MyPad is the next best thing. MyPad is a lot like the Twitter app, with sliding panels, but for your Facebook account, including chat support.

  • Doodle Jump: The classic game is now updated with a fun multiplayer mode, where you have to race against your friends to the top of a level. The game is also frequently updated with new levels and goodies, with over 30 to date.

  • More Bang For Your Buck: Too cheap to crack your wallet open for an app? You won't break the bank with these 15 apps. With this collection you'll be put the fun and utility back into your iPhone and iPad for just $1.19 a pop. Assembled are the some of the best games, utilities, and entertainment apps which are not only well designed but also great value.

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