IN PICTURES: The way it was - w/e 20.05.10

ARN's pictorial - and sometimes wry - look at what made IT news around the world ... from the depths of the IDG pictorial archives

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    Let's start this week's round-up with something a little strange ... At the Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver, the Humanaquarium blended art and technology ... performance art by any other name?

  • The Humanaquarium also attracted a large crowd... hardly surprising ... hope nobody threw a stone

  • HP Memristor ... who needs crop circles ... now for those of you who want to know the how, what, why ... An image of a circuit with 17 memristors captured by an atomic force microscope. Each memristor is composed of two layers of titanium dioxide sandwiched between two wires. When a voltage is applied to the top wire of a memristor, the electrical resistance of the titanium dioxide layers is changed, which can be used as a method to store a bit of data. Phew.

  • Microsoft .Net program manager Danny Shih explains concurrency features being built into the next version of the Mkicrosoft .Net framework ... way too smart for me

  • Another new phone ... The F-07C for NTT DoCoMo by Fujitsu ... front

  • Another new phone ... The F-07C for NTT DoCoMo by Fujitsu ... back

  • Moore's Law doubled ... Intel showed us how to do it

  • And Intel offered new compelling product roadmaps

  • Nokia abandoning the Ovi brand is the first "bold move" made by Nokia's new chief marketing officer Jerri DeVard, CCS Insight said ... we watch for further developments with interest

  • Arty gaming ... Jeffrey Stephenson's casemod, built around the strong linear designs of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Darknet at work, showing the developers player feedback in real time ... love the name ... say it slowly ... watch out for the film ... only joking

  • Motion Computing's CL900 tablet with Intel's Oak Trail chip ... watch out for the latter, you'll be hearing that name a lot over the next few months

  • ARM's Cortex-A15 processor design ... and roadmap

  • What next after the Space Shuttle? Virgin Galactic will take you into space, courtesy of Sir Richard Branson ... nice planes, Dick

  • What next after the Space Shuttle? A Falcon heavy rocket trip, any one?

  • What next after the Space Shuttle? Finally, somebody has already booked a Soyuz trip - at a mere $US50 million it's bargain, but get in while the $A is flying high ...

  • Samsung Infuse 4G is revealed ... and gets ready to fight for its life in a very competitive marketplace

  • Microsoft's Jeb Haber said his company's SmartScreen Filter has blocked 1.5 billion attacks in the past two years. Based on their data, one in every 14 downloads is malicious, he said. Nasty stuff ....

  • This week's good feeling photo: ... UC Berkeley student, Austin Whitney, walks with exoskeleton legs developed by Professor of Mechanical Engineering Homayoon Kazerooni and a team of student

  • This week's happy shot ... Sean Maloney, senior vice-president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group

  • Facebook's new datacentre in Prineville, Oregon, is way too sexy to be just a datacentre

  • Facebook's new datacentre in Prineville, Oregon, is way too sexy to be just a datacentre

  • Shefaly Yogendra is very smart ... she developed a program that allows people in Indian to document power outages with Twitter messages and turn this data into a map ... Tweeters will feel even more power

  • A shim? What? A 'shim' ... it's inserted in Point Of Sale terminals to harvest PIN codes. Here it is embedded in a terminal.

  • Odd looking IT objects (1): Kind of looks like a weird harmonica - Nvidia's Tesla M2090 GPU is for high-performance systems

  • Odd looking IT objects (2): This one has legs - NEC-branded Wyse thin client, US300c, including Wyse's WDM cloud client infrastructure management software. This solution was developed for and in collaboration with NEC.

  • Alibaba's Alipay is China's largest online payment service ... looks cuter than Paypal

  • Microsoft corporate Vice-President, Robert Wahbe, kicking off Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 in Atlanta

  • The Lantiq HNX176 chip uses the ITU's specification for wired home networking ... of course, it does ... so there

  • Happy 30th birthday ... IBM 5150, the company's first personal computer, introduced in 1981

  • Space, the final frontier ... Apparently, every Apple Store follows the same basic floorplan. This is the Apple Store in Rome, Italy. Just in case you never get there.

  • Did you know? ... Ron Johnson (left) was hired in 2000 to lead Apple's retail efforts

  • a cloud ... Because , obviously, all the editors at IDG have seen far too many cloud stories this week ... we acknowledge the Cloud ... and move on ...

  • Some days you should just stay in bed ... NSS Labs researcher, Dillon Beresford, was forced to pull a security talk on flaws in Siemens PLC controllers after Siemens determined that a planned fix didn't quite work. Siemens will patch the bugs, but didn't say when.

  • Now that's big ... Sharp's prototype Super Hi-Vision LCD panel

  • The perfect way to end this week's slideshow ... zombies ... well, Plants vs. Zombies ... PopCap Games is releasing Chinese versions of its hit Plants game.

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