IN PICTURES: APC roundtable at Est in Sydney

Power pressures and the datacentre was a hot topic of discussion for attendees at an APC Roundtable at Est private dining in Sydney. Eliminating power management issues is essential for IT and facilities managers to maintain system availability of increasing higher density equipment. The growing complexity of IT environments, from wiring closets and server rooms to datacentres of all sizes, has increased the need for reliable power distribution to the rack level. The need for high-efficiency, high-density datacentres due to ever-increasing computing needs is forcing many organisations to address the challenges of spiralling energy costs and datacentre power consumption. Roundtable attendees discussed the notable trends sweeping the datacentre power management space, and the growing channel opportunities.

  • Est private dining in Sydney.

  • From left to right: Stephen Green (Datacom Systems); Gordon Makryllos (APC); Greg Boorer (Canberra Data Centres); Moheb Moses (Channel Dynamics); Craig Garrett (Dell); Marck Gluckman (Regal IT); Ben Cornish (Brennan IT); Jennifer O'Brien (ARN); Matthew Sainsbury (ARN); Scott Atkinson (Bluefire); Sean Murphy (Nexus); and James Turner (IBRS).

  • Mingling before settling into a hearty discussion on 'Power pressures and the datacentre.'

  • Attendees jump into pre-roundtable discussions about the datacentre.

  • Choosing a signature dish.

  • Discussions in full swing on 'Power pressures and the datacentre.'

  • Entrees are served.

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