IN PICTURES: Nintendo 3DS unboxing

Nintendo launched its newest handheld console yesterday in Australia - the 3DS. Promising glasses-free 3D action, the console is selling like hotcakes around the world. We take a look at what's in the box.

  • By pointing the 3DS camera at these cards, you're able to play games that take place in the real-world environment. It has to be seen to be believed.

  • An explanation of the age classifications in Australia. Notice how there's no R18+ rating?

  • The top screen there is the 3DS's main weapon. Glasses-free 3D. And yes, it does work.

  • Inside the manual - bright, cheerful characters try to entice people to read the dull text.

  • These little avatars, or "Miis," play a big role on the 3DS. This Mii here is ARN Features Editor, Matthew Sainsbury.

  • And this is the console itself. Stylish and solid like a tank. It's a good first impression.

  • The unopened box. We were surprised at how bulky and heavy it was... but man does it look good.

  • This small, cardboard wallet holds augmented reality cards.

  • The power cord is there, in tact. Just as well, because this thing needs constant recharging.

  • The big, bulky manuals. Does anyone still read these?

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