IN PICTURES: ARN IT Awards Judges Lunch

More than 70 people gathered for this special lunch at the Ivy Room, Sydney, at which the theme, Channel Strong for 20 years, and a new category, telecommunications, were announced.

  • itX' Laurie Sellers and Paul Sadler, and Intel's Kate Burleigh.

  • Altech's Lena Khoury and Nick Popov.

  • The judge process outlined, and new telecommunications category announced.

  • ARN's Julia Talevski and Anyware's Garrison Huang.

  • Moneytech's Sonja Sandral, Bluechip's Johnson Hsiung, ARN's Matthew Sainsbury and Moneytech's Hugh Evans.

  • Express Data's Ross Cochrane and Avnet's Greg Newham.

  • Ingram Micro's Grant Cleary, itX' Paul Sadler, Distribution Central's Nick Verykios, ARN's Cherry Yumul and EMC's Leo Lynch.

  • Distribution Central's Scott Frew, ARN's Susan Searle and Express Data's Peter Masters.

  • More mingling at the Ivy.

  • EMC's Leo Lynch, Distribution Central's Nick Verykios and Ingram Micro's Jay Miley.

  • Ingram Micro's Hanspeter Eiselt and Grant Cleary, and Dicker Data's Ben Johnson, and Toshiba's Mariana Thomas.

  • Express Data's Ross Cochrane and itX/Avnet's Greg Newham.

  • APC's Gordon Makryllos, Megan Sovik, Andra Mednis and Chris Lacherdis.

  • Symantec's Steve Martin, ARN's Jennifer O'Brien and Mike Gee, Avnet's Greg Newham and Frontline System's Steve Murphy.

  • The judges network and mingle over a drink.

  • Simms International's Danny Moore and Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses

  • ARN's Jennifer O'Brien, ICT Distribution's Ben O'Leary and Moneytech's Hugh Evans.

  • ARN's Susan Searle giving opening remarks and welcome.

  • NewLease's Doug Tutus, DPSA's Jacques Tesson and VMware's Paul Harapin.

  • IBM's Francois Vazille and Phil Cameron, Klikon Solutions' David Abouhaidar, CA's Scott Caulfield and Klasie Holtzhausen and IPL's Paul Scanlan.

  • EMC's Chris Moyle and Insight Software's Andrea Della Mattea.

  • Distribution Central's Scott Frew and McAfee's Gavin Struthers.

  • APC's Gordon Makryllos, Megan Sovik, Andra Mednis and Chris Lacherdis.

  • Express Data's Ross Cochrane, ARN's Susan Searle and itX/Avnet's Greg Newham.

  • Datacom's Mark McWilliams, Trend Micro's David Patnaik, Ethan Group's Andrew Rayment and former EMC staffer David Henderson.

  • ARN's Mike Gee, and Kyocera's David Finn and Mark Vella.

  • VMware's Harshana Ariyaratne, and Symantec's Amy Christopher and Caroline Hladilo.

  • Somerville Group's Craig Somerville, ARN's Matt Sainsbury, CA's Klasie Holtzhausen, Kyocera's David Finn and Mark Vella, and Data#3 Laurence Baynham.

  • DPSA's Jacques Tesson and Scott Wimer, Oriel Technology's Jake Wynne, and Moneytech's Hugh Evans and Sonja Sandral.

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