In Pictures: Data#3 opens new Brisbane headquarters

Data#3 recently invited key partners, customers and shareholders along to the unveiling of its new headquarters in Brisbane.

  • L to R: Kay Johnston, Libby Powell and Cellnet's Stuart Smith.

  • Cellnet's Stuart Smith and ARN's Julia Talevski

  • Data#3's Brendan Merry and McAfee's David Richardson

  • Data#3's Richard Anderson with his wife.

  • Data#3's Simon Ryan and McAfee's David Elliot

  • L to R: Data#3's George Rodgers, McAfee's David Elliot, Express Data's Ross Cochrane and's Heather Opdam

  • L to R: Ingram's Hanspeter Eiselt, Toni Fester, Geoff Steele and Maarten Van Hattum

  • Lenovo's Daren Finney and Alison Craddock

  • L to R: HP's Chris Spence,'s Heather Opdam and Data#3's George Rodgers

  • Citrix's Chris Lee and Integrated Solutions' Andrew Heath

  • Robert Thomson and Avnet's Jason Cameron

  • Don Shuttleton and Damien Greer

  • L to R: Data#3's John Grant, Richard Anderson, Ian Johnston and Terry Powell.

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