Sony storms CES

Here's a look at some of Sony's new products, including new 3D TVs and camcorders and laptops billed as more affordable alternatives to Apple's MacBook Air.

  • Sony Bloggie 3D The 3D Sony Bloggie is one of three new Bloggie camcorders, but it's the only one that shoots in 3D. It has a parallax-barrier screen that allows you to see a 3D effect when playing back video and stills on its 2.4-inch LCD screen. The camcorder's two lenses are arranged vertically when you hold the Bloggie 3D upright, and 3D shooting requires tilting the camcorder to landscape orientation while recording. The Bloggie 3D also boasts two CMOS sensors behind its lenses; it shoots 1920-by-1080 HD video through each channel, but because its video playback uses the side-by-side 3D display method, 3D clips lose a bit of resolution. The new Bloggie offers 8GB of on-board storage, which Sony says translates to four hours of HD video recording in 2D mode. Other specs include an autofocus mode, a macro mode, a 4x digital zoom, 5-megapixel still capture, and a flip-out USB connector for offloading media and recharging the battery. Read more [[xref:|here.]]

  • Sony at CES Sony took the CES by storm by unveiling a bunch of new products and updating a few fan favorites. here's a look at some of the products that'll be in stores this year, from TVs, to laptops to camcorders big and small.

  • VAIO L Series Touch HD PC/TV Sony upgraded its popular line of touchscreen all-in-one VAIO PCs: the Sony VAIO L Series Touch HD PC/TV. Designed to handle Internet, TV, and Blu-ray, the L series features a 24-inch multi-touch LCD screen and ships with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and remote control. What makes the L Series stand out is Sony's Edge Access technology to enhance the multi-touch experience through shortcuts placed around the black glass sections along the edge of the screen--you can flip quickly through web pages, zoom, and open and close windows through these touch shortcuts. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

  • VAIO S Sony launched a duo of thin laptops that offer a more affordable alternative to [[xref:|Apple's MacBook Air]]. The new Vaio S and Y portables start at US$900 and $550, respectively. The S Series laptop has a 13.3-inch LED backlit display and a magnesium shell. It weighs 4.4 pounds- 1.5 pounds heavier than the 13-inch MacBook Air-and has a 1-inch profile. The 13-inch Air is 0.76 inches thick. The Vaio S includes [[xref:|Intel Wireless Display]] for streaming content to an HDTV. There's also an HDMI port, but the HDMI cable is sold separately. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

  • Sony Cyber-shot TX100V Five new Sony Cyber-shot cameras announced at CES can shoot and capture 3D photos similar to taking a normal photo--just point the camera at a subject and hit the shutter button, and the camera will snap two photos to combine them into a still 3D image. A few of last years' Exmor R CMOS-sensored Cyber-shot cameras could capture 3D images in Sweep Panorama mode, but this feature made it difficult to take portraits or non-landscape photos. This new line now makes it possible to capture a variety of 3D images quickly and easily. The most impressive of the bunch is the Sony Cyber-shot TX100V, a 4x-optical-zoom camera packed with a built-in GPS to let you geotag photos as you shoot them. It's the only new Cyber-shot to feature 1080p / 60fps /24Mbps AVCHD video capture, and also offers Dual Record to let you snap 3-megapixel photos while capturing video. This camera provides another first for Sony-- it's the first Cyber-shot to boast a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen as well as three 3D modes. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

  • HDR-TD10 Sony claims that the new Handycam TD10 is the first consumer camcorder to offer two lenses, two imaging sensors, and two processors to deliver full HD 3D footage in both the right and left visual channels. Sony claims its new camcorder offers superior 3D video quality, as it shoots left-channel and right-channel 1920-by-1080 HD video that's displayed in full 1080p resolution during playback. Instead of using "side-by-side" 3D technology, the new camera uses "frame-packing" 3D, which displays full-resolution video captured from each lens. Adding to the camcorder's appeal is the fact that you can also view the 3D effect while playing back video on the camcorder's 3.5-inch LCD screen without needing to wear glasses. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc The first of many Xperia-branded phones to debut in 2011, the Arc sports a new display technology called the Mobile Bravia Engine. The Xperia phones have been slightly disappointing in the past because of their sluggish performance. Like the other Xperia phones, the Arc looks beautifully designed. It is also exceptionally thin at 0.34-inches in diameter. The 4.3-inch display is designed for entertainment-hence the shared name to the company's line of HDTVs. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

  • Bravia EX720 series Sony is bringing the heat this year, with a whole host of [[xref:|shiny new 3D TVs with Internet-connected features.]] The EX720 series is edge-lit,with the X-Reality Engine, MotionFlow XR 240, and Sony Bravia Internet Video. Wi-Fi isn't built-in, though you can buy a USB dongle separately. These sets will start at 32 inches and go all the way up to a 60-inch model. Read more, [[xref:|here.]]

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