In Pictures: Top channel hires, retrenchments and retires of 2010

It was an interesting year of role changes in the industry.

  • After more than 30 years in the IT industry, [[artnid:367550|EMC's David Henderson|]] decided 2010 was the year to retire from full time work.

  • In September, Phil Cameron, went back to [[artnid:360585|IBM taking up the partner director post|]], vacated by Andrew Baker.

  • As the integration of the Oracle and Sun merger took place, it saw the departure of Sun's Australian managing director [[artnid:338896|Andrew Goodlace.|]] Many other staff changes also took place with Sun channel manager, Sam Srinivasan, appointed as northern region sales director for the Systems Line of business. In July, Oracle appointed [[artnid:353348|Patricia Nance|]] as its new channel boss, replacing Paul Muller, who has shifted to the technology licence part of the business for the Northern Region.

  • In February, Former Alphawest CEO, Garry Henley, took the [[artnid:337545|top job at Synergy Plus|]]. Since then, a whole raft of changes have been made to the business, [[artnid: 371405|shedding about 35 staff, including its national sales director, Joe Arcuri,|]] as it prepares to make itself a services business.

  • Lenovo hired Daren Finney as its new channel sales director [[artnid:357378|in August|]], taking over from [[artnid:339283|Callum Eade|]], who left due to health reasons.

  • Microsoft promoted its Australian managing director [[artnid:370104| as its Asia Pacific vice-president|]], replacing Emilio Umeoka. A suitable replacement for the managing director post is yet to be announced.

  • HP crowned [[artnid:357742|Kevin Rooney|]] as its ESSN director, following Paul Robson's promotion [[artnid:345413| to lead the vendor's networking|]] efforts across Asia Pacific and Japan.

  • In September, VMware appointed [[artnid:362187|John Donovan|]] as its new partner director, replacing [[artnid:348662|Fred King|]], who abruptly departed in June. Earlier in the year, VMware also hired former Sun A/NZ managing director [[artnid:339874|Duncan Bennet|]] as its first director of commercial sales.

  • Tony Heywood returned for a second bite of the distribution landscape to Westcon Group. He came back to lead the [[artnid:357561|datacentre practice.|]] The position was previously occupied by Neville James, who lasted about [[artnid:349598|three months in the role.|]]

  • Intel's [[artnid:366374|Philip Cronin stepped in as the chair|]] of the Australian Information and Industry Association, replacing Data#3's John Grant.

  • In March, Gavin Larkings was crowned as the new president of CSC [[artnid:341552|taking over from Nick Wilkinson.|]]

  • Former A/NZ Autodesk managing director, Hanspeter Eiselt, joined [[artnid:341606|Ingram in March|]] as its new volume business chief. He replaced Matt Sanderson, who took up the role as managing director for Ingram in the UK. Since then, Ingram's [[artnid:352351|restructured its retail division|]], which saw some staff made redundant.

  • Adrian Sharkey was appointed as the new country head for [[artnid:363504|Quantum|]] following the sudden departure of Keith Busson and its senior channel manager, Ron Giezekamp.

  • In October, former SAP CEO, [[artnid:363829|Alan Hyde|]] became the first non-Japanese managing director for NEC Australia. He replaced Wataru Takeuchi, who returned to Japan.

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