Top 10 world's worst PowerPoint presentations

Follow these top PowerPoint tips and get the best Powerpoint templates online. Don't design bad presentation slides like these.

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The World's Worst PowerPoint Presentations

Convoluted flow charts? Tacky, out-of-focus graphics? Huge blocks of text? Welcome to PowerPoint Hell.

Most of you have probably had to make a PowerPoint presentation, so you probably know the basic rules: Use a lot of bullet points. Don’t overdo the text. Avoid multimedia excesses. Et cetera.

There's also the golden rule of thumb: 10, 20, 30. This means presenting a maximum of 10 slides in a maximum 20 minutes at 30 point text size.

It might seem like pretty basic stuff to you, oh PowerPoint Guru, but unfortunately it’s not so obvious to some other people. We took a stroll through the PowerPoint presentation-sharing site,, and found a scarily large number of really bad PowerPoint presentations. Here are some of the worst (or should we say best?) ones of the bunch.

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Top 10 world's worst PowerPoint presentations

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