Huawei demonstrates mobile broadband transmission technology

The telecommunications vendor flaunts its radio transmission equipment that can maintain good quality transmissions even in bad weather conditions.

  • Huawei hosted a mobile broadband transmission demonstration to show of its new radio transmission equipment.

    The vendor is particularly excited about its hitless adaptive modulation (AM) technology, which can maintain good quality data or voice transmission even in terrible weather conditions.

    According to Huawei, telcos have been in all week to check its gear out for possible upgrades to existing mobile transmission towers.

    The vendor would not disclose whether it is in discussion with NBN Co to adopt the technology for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

    Huawei has been spruiking its new radio transmission equipment as "future-proof" as it accommodates for mobile standards beyond the pure IP Long Term Evolution (LTE).

  • The dial is turned to simulate different weather conditions and how transmissions are handled during bad weather.

  • While two transmission units, usually seen on microwave backhaul towers, are placed next to each other, Huawei staff can also simulate distance between the them.

  • These antennas are a common fixture on mobile transmission towers.

  • These TDM/Hybrid/Packet integrated raido transmission equipments supports the antennas indoors.

  • The film The Matrix was being streamed through the mobile transmissions.

    The notebook on the left has been assigned a priority which ensures quality of service (QoS) of the video being streamed to it. The right one does not have QoS guarantee.

  • Once bad weather conditions were simulated, the right notebook's video streaming began to suffer quality degradation.

  • Meanwhile, the left notebook was still streaming The Matrix without any hiccups.

  • The Huawei RTN 950 supports a maximum of six radio frequency directos and can work in highly developed metropolitan areas with hundreds of thousands of users.

  • The Huawei RTN 910 supports a maxium of two radio frequency directions. This would be suited to more remote areas where data demands are not too high.

  • Additional equipment in Huawei demo room.

  • Where the video streaming begins.

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