IN PICTURES: IN PICTURES: The channel 2001-2003, part 5 ... more blasts from the past

A few years ago, we found an old disc loaded with old pictures of people and events from more than a decade. Now we've found some more - and added them to the original slideshows. This slideshow is one of a series of slideshows that are truly a blast from the past as we look at the channel in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. Check them. See if you are pictured? There are people who lasted just a brief while in the channel, some who made a career of it; there are companies that came and went, and others that are still with us.

  • David Brennan

  • John Donovan

  • David Stevens, Brennan IT

  • Berlin Wall shop - an urban icon of its time

  • James Sellingford

  • Jeff Chen, DFI

  • Jeremy Fox, Xircom

  • Jim Hassell, Sun

  • Jimmy Lu and my

  • John Ball, Microsoft

  • John Robinson, AMD

  • John Slack-Smith

  • John Winter

  • Jonathan Klug

  • Julie Inman, MS corporate affairs

  • Ross Whitelaw and Lisa

  • Lev Orosz, Harvey Norman

  • Tony Standley

  • Laurie White, Toshiba

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