IN PICTURES: The channel 2001-2003, part 2 ... more blasts from the past

A few years ago, we found an old disc loaded with old pictures of people and events from more than a decade. Now we've found some more - and added them to the original slideshows. Over the next few weeks ARN will present a series slideshows that are trulya balst from the past as we look at the channel in 2001, 2002, 2002, 2003 and 2005. Check them. See if you are pictured? There are people who lasted just a brief while in the channel, some who made a career of it; there are companies that came and went, and others that are still with us.

  • Fiona Dicker

  • John Biviano

  • IBM's Phil Cameron

  • A. Thompson, Trend Micro

  • Bob Burke, Nortel

  • Bradley Stroop, CEO, Eclipse

  • Chris Lane and Andrew Coates, Coshopper

  • Christanto Suryadarma, Intel

  • David McMahon and Maxine Horne, co-owners Fone Zone

  • David White, Foundry Networks

  • Evan Penn

  • Gary Simmons

  • InstantIT's John Taylor, Nick Day, Michael Cooke

  • John Slack-Smith

  • Joshua Velling

  • eSeller, Paul Caselli

  • Peter Dawson

  • Philip Chambers, Fuji Xerox

  • Ross Whitelaw

  • Tandy's Robert Hayes

  • Impact's Vicki Harris

  • Adrian Di Marco and David Spencer

  • Alison Higgins-Miller

  • Chris Russell, ACPN

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