IN PICTURES: The channel 2001-2003, part 1 ... a blast from the past

A few years ago, we found an old disc loaded with old pictures of people and events from more than a decade. Now we've found some more - and added them to the original slideshows. Over the next few weeks ARN will present a series slideshows that are truly a blast from the past as we look at the channel in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. Check them. See if you are pictured? There are people who lasted just a brief while in the channel, some who made a career of it; there are companies that came and went, and others that are still with us.

  • Aaron Blackman

  • Adrian Di Marco, CEO Technology One

  • Ashley ... that's all we know

  • Chris Kopparis, ASC2

  • Chris Poulos, Trend Micro

  • Microsoft's cone of silence

  • Danny Beck, Microsoft

  • Dave McNaughton - and a funky backdrop

  • Ed Smith, Virtual Communities

  • Gerald Koh and Adrian Mok, AGA

  • IBM's Phil Cameron and David Nicol with ARN's Georgina Swan - she is also a former editor of IDG's CIO magazine

  • Keith Lane, Leading Edge

  • Keith Lane, Leading Edge

  • Paul Butcher, Marconi

  • Peter Cohen

  • Phil Bullock and team, IBM

  • Phil Gibbs and Michael Gutterman, Alloys

  • Phil Cronin

  • Sam Palmisano

  • Ted Curtis, Compuware

  • Toshiba's Ralph Stadus

  • This one was captioned 'the best picture ever' - as far we know neither of these men were involved with the channel .. however, they were obviously inspirational to somebody involved with the channel ... or ARN

  • CMau YS Hong and David Deng, Acer

  • Adam Steinhardt

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