In pictures: My first E3 by Spandas Lui

I ventured to the US to fulfil my lifelong dream as a gamer.

  • The Electronics Entertainment Expo, dubbed E3, is the Mecca for all things gaming.

    Every year, tens of thousands of people descend upon the US-based expo to preview gaming goods slated to hit the shelves in the next 12 months. These include the some of the hottest, most anticipated video games and ultra cool hardware.

    Gamers around the world collectively hold their breath for new announcements from the big three (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) along with news from the biggest gaming publishers in the world.

    The event is closed to the public but, armed with a journalist pass, I wrestled my way into E3 and crossed one thing off my bucket list (Yes, I have a bucket list at 22 – blame it on the gory deaths that befall me in video games).

  • The night before E3 kicked off at the LA Convention Centre, Activision hosted a concert to remember, bringing in some of the hottest music acts on Earth as entertainment.

    I had intended to wear my Ghost mask to pay homage to the Modern Warfare franchise.

    Unfortunately, security at the door ordered me to take it off... Still not sure whether the de-masking was because of the whole Activision vs Infinity Ward stoush or because I looked like a gun-totting Crip.

  • Performers at the event included Eminem, Rihanna, Deadmau5, N.E.R.D. and Usher.

    All of them were there to promote at least one upcoming title such as DJ Hero 2, True Crimes: Hong Kong and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    It was a bit of an overkill (rumour has it the concert costs $6 million)…
  • … But needless to say, it was a blast. (Ghost mask only came out briefly during the concert...)

  • The next morning, E3 was officially underway and I attended the Nintendo conference bright and early (Microsoft did one the day before and Sony’s was later that morning).

    I’m not a Nintendo fan-girl myself, but some of the announcements the company made did rouse up a bit of excitement in me; namely Golden Eye on the Wii and more juicy details on the 3DS.

  • Booth babes made a comeback since being completely stamped out a few years back and were there to add that extra bit of fun to E3.

  • Especially this one, whose expression really captures the atmosphere of the event…

  • There were a number of impressive props being displayed at E3, including this Halo Reach model which won many praises.

  • This giant robot model for Red Faction: Armageddon wasn't too shabby either.

  • A Big Daddy from the BioShock series can always impress.

  • But the winner has to be this giant dinosaur at the Bethesda booth. It was there to promote Fallout: New Vegas

  • Here’s me being accosted at the THQ booth by promoters for the game Homefront.

  • With two new games out this year, Sonic was extra cuddly at the show.

  • Naughty Bear was also doing the rounds, no doubt ready to take a swing at anybody that criticises his upcoming game.

  • And only in America...

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