In pictures: 30 years of weird and wonderful Pac-Man

Pac-Man turned 30, and he's had a long and wonderful history. One of the first iconic computer games characters out there, Pacman has not only graced video arcade screens, he's also been the subject of cartoons, sequels, real-life events and now Google.

  • 30 years old now, Pac-Man is one of the rare few computer games characters that has survived the test of time.

  • The cabinet that started it all. It ate your coins faster than Pac-Man would eat pellets, but that didn't stop people from feeding the machine even more.

  • Has anyone not played the original Pac-Man. A classic, in every sense of the word.

  • A textbook case of political correctness gone horribly wrong, Mrs Pac-Man was not very politically correct, nor was her game a very good sequel.

  • Pac-Man was so popular that in the 1980s he got his very own cartoon. Like the Mario, Zelda, Dungeons and Dragons, and any other number of game-based 1980s cartoons, it was woeful.

  • You know you're a famous character when people start building entire cars in your likeness.

  • You also know you've made it in the world of videogames when people start dressing up to look like you. Cosplayers (literally, costume play) can be sexy, scary or (in this case) just plain weird.

  • Unfortunately, Pac-Man's jump into the 3D world of modern games has yet to meet the brilliant standards of the original arcade game. This one - Pac 'n Roll, was ok, but hardly life-altering.

  • On the other hand, this one - Pac-Man Vs. - was entertaining. See, in this game, one person plays as Pac-Man, while the others play as the ghosts trying to hunt him down. Pac-Man didn't stand a chance.

  • To celebrate Pac-Man's 30th birthday, Google produced this really cool doodle, and it's free to play!

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