Anniversary special: 5 years of YouTube

YouTube is celebrating its five-year anniversary. The Google-owned site was receiving eight million daily views within six months of launch and today has over 2 billion people checking out its site every day

  • The presidential: The president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, gained notoriety – as well as enormous popularity – through his extensive and successful use of social networking and sites like YouTube during his presidential campaign. He launched the first [[xref:|White House channel on YouTube in 2009]].
  • Ronaldino: The successful but controversial Portugese soccer/football star, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, holds the honour of having the first video to chalk up one million views on YouTube. [[xref:|His popular video combines his prowess as a footballer through stunts]]. It also gave his Nike partnership that extra endorsement.
  • The evolution of dance: According to YouTube, the viral video hit, [[xref:|The Evolution of Dance]], circulated the world millions of times over. The simple yet effective clip demonstrates one individual’s relentless efforts to showcase a range of dance steps to views globally.
  • Free hugging: The most watched video of all time on YouTube in Australia was the [[xref:|Free Hugs campaign]], which scored 57 million views globally. The video is aimed at promoting peace on earth.
  • Getting Thunderstruck: AC/DC’s Thunderstruck is the most popular song/video viewed on YouTube, garnerning 56 million views globally. [[xref:|In this official video, the rockers show off their guitar and vocal expertise to thousands of adoring fans]]. AC/DC’s Back in Black is also among the top 10 watched YouTube videos from Australia, scoring 23 million views worldwide.
  • The royal: A more unexpected entrant in the list of popular personalities on YouTube is Britain's Queen Elizabeth, who has addressed thousands of her loyal subjects through [[xref:| The Royal Channel on YouTube]].
  • The untamed: YouTube claims there are hundreds of thousands of animal videos on its site, but one of the more notable is the [[xref:|Battle of Kruger, an eight-and-a-half minute amateur clip featuring a confrontation between buffalos, lions and crocodiles]].

  • Finger biting: The video, [[xref:| has the honours of being the most watched video of all time on YouTube]], scoring a massive 169 million views.
  • Faking muscles: Less awe-inspiring is the video clip entitled [[xref:| How to fake a six pack]], where one young lady explains how you can make your middle look firmer with the help of a bit of strategically placed makeup and some squiggly lines. This clip got 20 million views globally.
  • Beyonce power: Beyonce’s dancing booty in her “All the single ladies” video clip was the inspiration for dozens of wanna-bes who donned black leotards and demonstrated their own dancing abilities online, YouTube claims. We’ve included a [[xref:|link to the original Beyonce video clip here]].
  • 15 minutes of fame: YouTube highlighted Jessica Rose as one of its first breakout stars through her [[xref:|video clip, Lonely Girl 15]]. The online-only series was a hit with YouTube viewers.
  • The first: [[xref:|This video clip was the first on YouTube on April 23, 2005]]. The brief 19-second clip was shot at San Diego Zoo.
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