7 April Fool's Day iPhone apps

This year, bring the Fools into the 21st century by turning your iPhone into a resource for the silliest of days

  • Pranktionary - The Prank Dictionary Are you tired of being the prank-ee instead of the prankster, but you can't conjure up a good prank? Just consult your Pranktionary. The pranks are excellent, and are even categorized by prank location, such as the kitchen, bathroom or the office.

  • 101 APRIL FOOL'S DAY PRANK IDEAS The app is less formal and the tricks are told as if someone were whispering an idea in your ear. But the ideas? Funny (and free)! Price: Free

  • An 82-year-old classic The "joy buzzer" has been around for four score years (and two) and is still is as surprising as that can of peanuts with the snake inside. What iPhone user could go without the Hand Buzzer - Classic Prank app? That's right: turn your iPhone into a hand buzzer! Just don't be standing near a cliff or large body of water when you play this joke on someone... Price: $0.99

  • Krazy Kamera This app is a one-trick pony, but it's pretty clever in its simplicity. Ask someone to take a photo of you using your iPhone. The app twists and turns the image so the photographer has no idea how to get a straight photo. You may get beaned in the head with your iPhone, but that's still funny. Price: $0.99

  • Ocarina iPhone apps that imitate bodily noises are common, but this one...well, it made me laugh. Price: $0.99

  • iPunked This app is one of the classics of the Internet era. Ask your mark if you can use the app to hypnotize him and just as he's starting to get "verrrrrry sleeeeepy"...WHAMMO! Big scary photo. You will be most likely asked to pay for dry cleaning. Price: $0.99

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